Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ink Stained Card Sketch 2009.05.29 Examples!

Hey Everyone!

As promised, here are a few examples for the card sketch featured yesterday :) I took Amanda & Phinny's suggestion for the new number...Thanks ladies!

Phinny, Erin & everyone... If you do happen to make a card using the sketch please do either send it to me so I can post it here or add a link in the comment section if you post it on your own blog ~ we'd all love to see!!

I'm glad it was missed cause I have so much fun doing them and hope you do too! It's always nice to have somewhere to go and find a bit of inspiration when the creativity fountain dries up!

Forever Friend

I love how this one turned out...the colors are just so me (thanks phinny!!) and he is one of my favorite "guys" I own ;) LOL!!! (TH - Stampers Anonymous)

20090529 card sketch006

No Journey...

Love working with vintage maps & stuff...they add so much to your design. Main image is B-Line Designs.

20090529 card sketch002

My Wish....

LOVE these stamps ~ Crafty Secrets!

20090529 card sketch003

Fridge's working again ~ apparently it has some sort of thermostat inside that shuts the motor off when it is going to overheat (like the computer!). Once we flipped the circuit breaker off then back on it must have re-set whatever is in the fridge. It now works and is cold again!! It's a darn good thing ~ it's only like 2 years old or something like that... Anyway, all good on the cold food front ;)

Tomorrow off to Mom & Dads ~ Eric & Bob are helping Dad put up his new wood working shop and Mom and I are going to hang out, craft and make lunch :) Going to be a fun day I think!

Hope you all are having a great weekend...

if we get back in time I'll share a few postcards from my collection!


  1. The cards are just gorgeous!!!

  2. Love these! I can't wait to start working on mine. I think I will today. Thanks, Roni!!

  3. Testing... 1, 3, 2... wait... uh... nevermind. (lol)

  4. Ha! I did it. See my kewl pic now??

    (that's me between 12 - 5am, I turn back into a hoomin when the sun is shining... Mwaaahahaha...! Don't mess with the BLACK CAT!)


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