Thursday, May 21, 2009

Garage Sales...never again!!!

Hey everyone ~ did ya think I fell off the face of the earth? LOL!! Well, I had the "Great" idea to have a garage sale this weekend...OMG ~ if I ever even think of it would someone please send the hit squad in to just do me in quickly!!!! This dang thing is going to kill me!! I started collecting things a couple of weeks ago asking the guys nicely to sort through some you think they did ~ nooooo.... SOOOO, that's what I've been doing all week...

Monday wasn't too bad, all inside stuff ~ shelves, drawers, closets. I did find a bunch of jackets and things I wanted to wash before I put them out since they had been stored for a while (5 loads of laundry - check!).

Tuesday was another story...can't have a garage sale w/o the garage ~ clean the garage all by myself... (grumble grumble grumble). Then I decide to tackle the shed out back. This is where everything that we can't possibly squeeze into the house gets piled. Eric was home by this time so he helped me carry EVERYTHING out ~ I tell you it was stuffed to the gills with misc. tractor parts (which are going to live out at the farm - imagine that?!?!?), TONS of old toys from when the boys were little ~ which btw we have to keep because they are Ertl (sp?) - toy tractors, children's/adolescent books (going) we have a real thing for books so there are like 4 boxes full. LOADS of old craft things...I've been into so many crafts over the years it's scary. The shed houses my basket supplies (keeping), tons of fabric pieces (going), dried flower arranging supplies (going), wreaths (going), baskets (going), Halloween decorations (going), Easter decorations (going), misc. antiques (going), antique singer treadle sewing machine (going) and a few assorted garden supplies (staying). Needless to say the shed which was filled to capacity is now only 1/4 of the way full! You could have a small party in there :) I was totally wiped out by the time I finished at about 8:00pm. (clean garage & barn ~ check!)

Wednesday...pricing, pricing, pricing...all of the stuff collected from ALL over the house and shed and garage needed to be sorted and priced. TOOK FOREVER!!!!! Most items are going for .25 because I got tired and just started sticking that on everything - LOL!!! I don't care, it just needs to be gone. Another long day because while bob did do some box toting and a bit of pricing for me I did most of it. (I never want to see another price tag again ~ double check)

Thursday (today)...Dad came over this a.m. and helped set up tables and stuff so I spent the rest of the day sorting and deciding how to find room for it all. It is for the most part finished. The guys need to carry several boxes which are still sitting in the back yard up front for me ~ (books, toys, sewing machine) tonite which I'm just going to make signs for ~ I'm so not marking it all!! I have to price the cloths I washed but that shouldn't take too long (I hope) the we'll be ready to open up tomorrow a.m.! (o.k. I'm exhausted!! ~ check!)

I had 2 people stop while I was setting up today so hopefully that's a good sign. I would really like for most (all is wishful thinking) of it to be gone.

So I've tried and tried to get in the craft room at night to make something/take pics & post but I've just been totally wiped out. Sorry! I do have a couple more Shrink Plastic projects I want to share and one is about 1/2 done so I'm hoping to get it finished on Sat. afternoon to post. I know it won't be tomorrow or Sat. a.m. since that's when the sale is going to be. but I'll try to get it posted asap.

In the mean time I thought I'd share a few of my favorite sites around the web-world.....

Excellent supplier of all sorts of findings and beads.

Way cool tiered pricing ~ it's always fun to see if you can get to that next level - LOL!!!

Way cool place to make "Word Clouds"

I know I have this in my side bar but they just added loads of cool new images.

They have just added 6 sets of amazing Classic Hot Rod stamp sets (scroll to the bottom)

3 sets with cars, 1 set of icons and 2 sets with pin strip detail stamps.

EXCELLENT for all those car crazy guys in your life!

LOADS of AWESOME collage sheets...omg over 1700 sheets!!!!

You can spend a LONG time browsing through their goodies.

TONS of cool push molds for polymer clay.

These molds also work for paper clay!!

Yes, the scissor place ~

they have several super resources available...

Projects, Articles, Gallery, and lots more!

If you really like em you should become a Fisk-A-Teer!

I did a while back...I haven't participated much recently because of the book and all but it is a really great place to hang out. Lots of really sweet and wonderful ladies :)

Since I'll be busy with the sale the next couple days I hope you all have a very SAFE and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend (here in the states) and a great weekend everywhere else :)

Take care


remember to go cuddle

your craft supplies sometime this weekend ;)

They miss you!!!


  1. I'm exhausted just reading your post. Hope the garage sale is a huge success and everything sells. Is great to have a big clean out.

  2. best of luck for a successful sale!

  3. Good luck with the sale! We did an enormous one when my partner and I combined our homes... we swore NEVER again... Thank you for the links!

  4. OMG what a lot of work you have done. May you reap the benefits (either monetary or simpler life without so much stuff or both) and never miss any of it. I learned the hard way after having garage sales and I will never do it again. I even had people steal 10 cent items all the way up to leather coats from me right under my watchful eyes! Best of Luck :o)

  5. Good Luck on your sale Roni! Make lots of Mula! My sale is June 12/13 so Im doing the sort and price mess too!

  6. So glad you didn't fall off the face of the Earth! Wow, what a lot of work you have been doing... now I'm trying to get inspired enough to do the same thing. I just can't gather up enough energy to, so I donate one box to Goodwill at a time~slow!
    Have a successful weekend~ you'll have a lighter load and a heavier wallet~souds great to me!

  7. LOL! Oh yeah, garage sales are a LOT of work. Hopefully you'll sell most of it though and not have to decide what to do with all the leftovers! We had a garage sale once that was insane because people were pulling things off my garage walls and scrounging in Dennis' tools! I told them that only the stuff in the driveway were for sale and to STAY OUT OF MY GARAGE! Sheesh...! I have tons of old craft supplies too that I should try and sell but too lazy to have a garage sale right now. Maybe I'll be inspired by your success!

  8. Just a small thank you for all your generosity with your blogs and show you how much I appreciate your blog, I have given you an award
    You can pick it up here

  9. Are you nuts?!?!?!?!

    Er... ok. So yeah - you are nuts. Wow - that made me exhausted, too, just reading about it. Ugh!

    I had my divorce-moving-out-of-state garage sale and at the end, I sold a brand new $200 grill (only used twice) for $20. Yup - you and I are the reason some people can walk away with steals at garage sales. I also remember that I sold an antique trunk to a dealer for $25. I bet you a hundred dollars she turned around and sold it for $300. LOL


    Good luck. I hope you do well and can rest when it's over. Then just call your local charity place to come out and haul away everything that's left.

    (((( hugs ))))

  10. lol...I am with u...I had exactly ONE garage sale...years ago...way to much work for so little money in my eyes. So now I donate regularly to salvation army and st.vincent depaul...and I get to write it off. Our tax program even has a way for you to figure the value of old stuff! You have to let us know how it went...and Good Luck!Cher


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