Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Recycled Crafty Projects

I have the recycled projects I promised but first I wanted to answer a few questions...

*Where to get the wall paper sample books?

I got mine at a place that sold wallpaper and blinds, but you can also ask for them at home improvement stores, department stores (that special order wallpaper), some paint stores that offer wallpaper, etc. Simply ask them for their old obsolete books...if they don't have any at the moment, ask to be notified when they do. Usually they are more than happy to give them to you once they are no longer useful.

*What do you use rubber stamp scraps for?

Phinny was right...I have used mine in the past to make mosaic rubber stamps, or cut free-hand shapes to make unique stamps all your very own. You can also use it in place of double stick foam to give embellishments a "lift" - simply apply glue to both sides, stick it to the card (or other project) and glue the embellishment on top!

*Did I open an Etsy store?

Yep, I sure did! I guess I forgot to post about it when I stuck the link in the side-bar. I am going to be offering all sorts of "stuff"....ephemera, supplies, and crafty items....many from the book if you're interested in owning a piece of published collage/altered art. :)

Now on to the examples!!

Recycled Buttons....

recycled items001

Wooden Nickel & Poker Chip

recycled items003

Game Pieces

recycled items002

Case from broken Pocket Watch

recycled items004

Glass Jar, Beads (from broken necklace) & Easter Grass

recycled items005

Copper Nails, Game Pieces, Ticket

recycled items006

So there you go....

a few fun and funky ways to use recycled goodies in your art!


  1. I love the game piece bracelet. Are the discs from a bingo game?
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love the game bracelet as well! I have that stuff! I better get busy!!! I just opened an etsy store too!!! I will put you on my faves list!

  3. Love the use of the old watch case as a shadow box.


    sjhengen at gmail dot com

  4. Love the recycled buttons bracelet with a touch and the broket pocket watch, they are simply vintage and gorgeous!

    The game piece braclet is so fun with all the bright colored chips!

  5. Wow, Wow, Wow!
    Love the casino chip!!!!
    Love it all!
    You Rock!!!

  6. Owowow I ADORE that piece in the old pocket watch! The steampunker in me screams she wants it ^_^

  7. Lots of inspiration to start recycling. The bracelet is fun.

  8. Oh Roni those are all so beautiful! I want to know how to make all of it, but especially the button bracelet. Please please post up a tutorial soon!

  9. I can't believe all the beautiful projects you made....You have inspired me :)

  10. My goodness, I have a huge collection of buttons...& I never thought of making anything with them! until today! That bracelet is superb...& so are all the other samples T4S

  11. You are so amazing Roni!! I wish I was as creative as you!

  12. I love the poker chips and the Scrabble bracelet!

    (interestingly enough, "Roni" is the name of a character in a novel I wrote and am publishing...)

  13. Wow, wow, WOW! Every project here is AMAZING. I don't know what I love more - the button bracelet just jumped out and bit me on the nose. LOVE THAT!

    Oh - I have those clear plastic game pieces (for Bingo? not sure). How did you put a hole through yours? I am thinking Cropadile, but that won't make holes small like this would need to be for the small disk and a jump ring... hmm....

    Oh great! Now I will be up all night trying to figure it out. LOL


    Love the recycled projects, Roni!

  14. Hey SequoiaLynn... what's your Etsy store addy. Would love to check it out!!

  15. oh u are so darn crafty! I wanna know what u eat and drink to think this stuff up! Right now I am swamped with our USAFA Parents Club stuff but as soon as I get that ice cube tray I am onto making charms! I can't wait to start, but I gotta get my daughter moved first ! Keep it coming tho! Cher

  16. Wow, the bracelets are so amazing! I love the bingo chip one...and the one that uses antique looking buttons. Love the game piece projects too! My kids actually kept all their game pieces intact so I don't have partial games to dig into...but love the ideas!


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