Thursday, April 16, 2009

Inkssentials Water-Based Stamp Cleaner Image Transfer

I've had several people comment that they aren't sure where to find

(or it's no ava. in their area)

Orange Clean


I decided to do some experimenting last night and this morning with things lots of different products that I thought would be more readily available to everyone all over the world...


I found one!!!

(this is the cleaner that smells like bubble gum - YUM)

You never thought image transfers would be so clean did you - LOL!!

Now I'm pretty sure this stuff is available most everywhere (Michaels, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's, etc) plus it's also available on-line at loads of scrapbook and stamping stores if you don't already have it in your stash.
Now, not only does this image transfer technique work with ink jet printed images (color and b/w), it also works on dye ink rubber stamped images!!!! This image transfer technique also work on fabric!!! I used Ranger's Sticky Backed Canvas to experiment with but I'm sure it will work on cotton as well.
I hope this is an image transfer technique that lots more of you will be able to try!


This cleaner is also safe to use on scrapbooks and such.

I still don't know how the transfers will hold up over a long period of time ~ I would say that's got more to do with the ink from the printer than anything else.

The transfer technique is going to work in the same basic way the Orange Clean image transfer did...


Inkssentials Water Based Stamp Cleaner

Ink Jet or Dye Ink Stamped Image

Cardstock (to transfer the image to)

Bone Folder or Spoon (used to burnish the image)


1. Place the image (stamped or ink jet) face down onto the foundation material.

Inkssentials Stamp Cleaner Image Transfer006

2. Mist (do not saturate) the back side of the image. You don't want to add too much of the stamp cleaner ~ it will make the ink run if you use too much. I would say practice a couple times to see what I mean.

Inkssentials Stamp Cleaner Image Transfer009

3. Hold the image with one hand and burnish with the other. Always peek under one corner to see how the image is coming along before you remove the original. You can always add a bit more cleaner and burnish again.

That's all there is to it!!

Here are the results ~

Rubber Stamp Image Transfer

Inkssentials Stamp Cleaner Image Transfer010

Ink Jet Image on Vintage Sheet Music

Inkssentials Stamp Cleaner Image Transfer011

Ink Jet on Tag

Inkssentials Stamp Cleaner Image Transfer012

Ink Jet on Pattern Cardstock

Inkssentials Stamp Cleaner Image Transfer014

Ink Jet on CANVAS!

Inkssentials Stamp Cleaner Image Transfer013

And some finished projects...


Inkssentials Stamp Cleaner Image Transfer004


Inkssentials Stamp Cleaner Image Transfer003-1

Remember me.

Inkssentials Stamp Cleaner Image Transfer003

I hope this image transfer technique is something more of you will be able to try immediately since I'm sure there are lots of "Ranger-ettes" out there ;) lol!!!

Tomorrow I'm going to try and make a video on making these transfers because there are some tips that you just can't explain with words very's much easier to see them. I'm watching my nephew though so if not tomorrow then Saturday.

If you give this a try, lmk how you come out and share your results if possible!
Have a great Day!!


  1. Thank you for thinking thru this technique, using other available products, and sharing the uses for it. Love it!

  2. awesome! I love the retro tag! it rocks!!

  3. Roni, u rocks! I will sure try this out!

  4. I'm in an ATC group and one woman used Gin as a transfer medium. We all agreed it was the best!

  5. Ranger-ettes...yep that's me! LOL
    Love the look of these transfers!

  6. Oooo that is so cool! I wonder if it would transfer to polymer clay with that spray? Might be worth a try!

  7. Great technique and projects, Roni! I love the "lies men telll..." tag. I have an image of that vintage ad, too. It's was a REAL AD way back when. Sheesh.... *shakes head* Someday I want to do a journal or a swap or project of some kind all on those wonderful/terrible old time ads that put women in the kitchen and the men coming home expecting their slippers and a home cooked dinner, kwim? Could be fun and kind of snarky. Ha!

    Great tut as always, dear!!

  8. lol luv that tag! well all are really cute...I just got some of that stuff today to try this out, ty for the info! Cher

  9. A friend let me know about this new blog post, love your blog.

    What led you to try the cleaner???
    The samples look great.


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