Friday, April 3, 2009

UTEE Cubes!

Shannon asked a really good question about the Mold & Pour molds I shared with you...she wondered how many times you could use them and how long they last. WELL, that's what makes these things so great ~ you can use them over and over and over... I have some molds that I made 4 or 5 years ago that look and feel just like they did when I made them. I have used some of these molds many many times. I've not worn any out in all the years I've been using them so I can't say they last forever but they do last a very VERY long time :)

also ~

How many molds can you get from one package. Well, that all depends on the size of molds you're making. The giant leaf (about 4 1/2-5" across) took less than one package. Remember I know the containers look small but you're using an equal portion of each so it's really double.

O.k....on to the technique...

UTEE Cubes


Clear UTEE - Ranger

Melt Pot - Ranger

Charms, Buttons or other goodies

Silicone Ice Cube Tray

Heat Gun (optional)

Alcohol Ink (optional)


1. You need to pre-heat the Melt Pot and add the UTEE, cover and melt. (we're going to be using quite a bit so you may need to melt more part of the way though.)

2. Choose various charms, buttons, stickers, beads, etc. to fill each ice cube section. Today I am using Jessie James and bugs for one set and safari animals for another.

Simply place desired goodies into each well of the tray. You can arrange them as shown in the photo. You will be pouring the UTEE in very slowly so they shouldn't move around much if at all.

UTEE Cubes002

3. Pour the melted UTEE slowly into each well. If a piece moves, use a pair of tweezers, skewer or other tool to quickly move it back into place. DON"T TOUCH THE UTEE! Let the UTEE cool.

NOTE: if you get bubbles or imperfections on the surface of your UTEE cube no worries...see the next step.

UTEE Cubes003

4. (Optional) If by chance you have an air bubble or imperfection on the surface of your UTEE cube, while the cube is still in the tray, heat the surface with a heat tool. It will take approx. 30-40 seconds before the UTEE re-melts and fixes it's self but it will eventually melt and fill it's self in. It's very forgiving!

UTEE Cubes007

Note - this won't work if the bubbles are near the bottom of the cube - embrace imperfect ;)

5. Once the cubes have cooled, pop them out of the tray! They're ready to use!

UTEE Cubes009

6. (Optional) Now if the amber color isn't quite the look you were aiming for try covering the backs of each cube with Alcohol Inks!!! Really adds some zing to them don't you think?

UTEE Cubes010

So that's the UTEE Cubes technique!

Way cool huh?

Tomorrow I'll share a couple of projects I made using these and other UTEE Cubes.

Till Then Friends...

Ink On!!


  1. I love, love, love these, Roni!

    I have wanted to do this since I saw Suze Weinberg do something similar (there's a YouTube vid - do you want me to dig up the link and post it here for anyone who would like to see a variation on your fab technique?) But she used small images at the bottom of each ice cube tray compartment. I love yours, Roni. I never would have thought of using dimensional elements, but now that I see yours, I am slapping my forehead. LOL D'uh! Truly fabulous.

    So yeah - can you believe that I even went out and hunted for a silicon ice cube tray (or whatever the heck they are called). I ended up getting two - a mini sq one and a mini heart tray through Amazon. OK - so maybe you CAN believe that. But can you believe that I HAVE NEVER DONE THE TECHNIQUE??

    *shakes head* Sheesh. I really want to and you remind me of how totally cool this is. Problem is that now my recious, coveted, hard-to-come-by mini ice cube trays are all boxed up and in storage about 4 hours away. Waaaaah!

    OK - I will try not to cry. I'll just bookmark this for later when I either a) get my life back or, b) run into some more mini cube trays! *grin*

  2. Those are amazing!!! Love them!
    Is there a way to melt and pour the UTEE without a melting pot?

  3. So very cool! I have a melting pot, and I must admit it's been gathering dust, but you've definitely inspired me. I'm picturing some wall art with a bunch of these blocks... how cool would that be in a kids' room with a bunch of animals?! Yep, the juices are definitely flowing ;)

  4. Way cool! That AI really makes these little gems just gorgeous!!

  5. This is really cool! You have me hooked and on trying this now! The only think I need to get is UTEE! If you wanted to make charms this way how would you put a hole in them?

  6. absolutely awesome! I could probably fall in love with that stuff.
    My next thought was: How do you store your molds to maintain their pliability?

  7. LOVE IT RONI!! What a great use for those decorative buttons that I just HAD to have some years ago and never used! I really like the ones colored with the there no end to the uses for that stuff?

  8. wowser...I need to buy utee in bulk I think lol...u have shown us so many fun things! and u make it all look so ez! u are gifted! ty ty ty

  9. this is cool! Definitely would like to try it out!

  10. Wow I would have never thought to try UTEE for this sort of thing. I have seen it done in resin, which is also cool.

    From what I hear, resin is a lot tougher than UTEE as far as getting scratches and stuff, so would probably be the best choice for jewelry.

    But for scrapbooking where the wear and tear is much less, UTEE seems like a great option. Besides you can remelt it if it messes up at all, which you can't do with resin!

  11. Oh I love it Roni. I will be purchasing some of the UTEE real soon and will be trying this technique asap. Thankyou for sharing.
    Michelle M

  12. Does anyone know if UTEE can be used with Easy Cast/epoxy resin molds without melting them? Thanks.

  13. I seem to be interested in the same fun things as you... LOVE THIS thanks so much....Rose


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