Thursday, April 30, 2009

Acrylic Image Transfer Technique or Glossy Accents Image Transfer Technique

Well, I tried the same transfer method I used on the acrylic tiles on a few other items today as promised!

Just like before I used only Glossy Accents, an image to transfer and some nice warm water. I tried it on a piece of metal with so so results. For some reason the GA didn't set up as well as it did on the other items so when I went to rub the paper off much of the image rubbed off as well. It was rainy and humid here today so I'm not sure if that was a factor or not... We're going to be having rain on and off for several days so I am planning on trying that again later when it's dry.

I did have two very successful attempts though...

The first was the bamboo domino style place mat tiles! The image worked great but I had a bubble in the center of the image so that part rubbed off. The rest looks great though. This was a collage image btw ~ Laser image I think...

acrylic image transfer ex 2003

The other foundation I had great success with was glass! It made a very cool ghostly image. This image was an ink jet printed image.

acrylic image transfer ex 2001

I tried it onto cardstock and it didn't work so well...the bottom paper got saturated when I wet the image layer so it just ended up making a mess. So I would say the best bet for this transfer method regardless of type of image (ink jet, laser, toner, etc) is on Acrylic, Glass and Domino or Bamboo Tiles!

TIP: My best tip for a successful image transfer using this method is to make sure that you have excellent contact between the image and the surface of your foundation material. The Glossy Accents tends to make things curl a bit...if you don't have full contact you will have areas that won't transfer ~ which does give it an authentic looking distressed result (like the bamboo tile).

So has anyone given this a try?

I'd love to hear what you think of it!

Post links to your results if you would like ~ I'm sure we'd all love to see!!

I hope this is something that many of you will benefit from ~

I know it's not always an option to buy lots products to use for one technique...

so I've really been trying to figure out easy and affordable ideas.

Take care friends and have a wonderful day!!


  1. Yeah! Glad to know it works great on glass. That's what I was going to try. I'm anxious to try it on the bamboo tiles on their way from your etsy site :D Just waitin' on Jigger...!!

  2. We are thinking alike Roni! I did Memory glass and glossy accents today!!! I plan to share it tomorrow on a project I am working on!! I will have to try on Bamboo Tiles! I have a bunch of these!

  3. Hey, Roni! I am trying this technique as we speak. So, using what I have, I am trying it with Sepia Accents and Ranger glass slides.

    But here's the thing. I prepared my tiles last night, fully expecting them to be dried by this morning, but the backs are all still wet and the papers have wrinkled. Let me tell you what I did so you can offer some advice and/or my tests will help you gather information on this technique, too!

    I applied the SA (Sepia Accents) liberally onto the glass tile (first I thought I used too much, but looking at your photos, I think I used about the same amount as you) and then pressed it firmly down over the image, making sure it covered completely and there were no air bubbles. Then I put it between 2 pieces of wax paper and slid it in between the pages of a heavy catalog thinking this would make it dry flat and ensure good contact with all of the paper. But this may be the reason they didn't dry, huh? I've had them out to dry on my work surface all day so they should be dry now. I will do the next steps and let you know how it goes. Oh - it's also dry and cool here so humidity isn't a factor.

    I am doing several images - some are toner-based, some are from my ink jet printer and one is a vintage book page. I, too, want to see how it works on each of the different types of images.

    Very cool! Thanks for coming up with this and sharing your results. I'll keep you posted on my progress and send you some scans if I get anything worth sharing!

  4. Hey Phinny Im not a pro like Roni but I used GA. I put on just enough so that when I laid my glass onto my paper and wiggled it around only a little bit seeped under the edges of the glass, I let it dry for about 3 mins then shot it when a heat tool and it worked fine.


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!