Wednesday, July 2, 2008

UTEE Brights - Beautiful!!

Good Morning Everyone!!

I wanted to share a little card project I made recently that is featured on Ranger's front page for July... Beautiful ... which uses UTEE Brightz embossing powders as well as a fun background technique using Adirondack Pigment Inks!

The colors of the UTEE Brightz are just stunning ~ super vibrant colors with a pearly sheen. Really makes any project pop right off the page! Be sure to check out the complete directions and if you have time, give it a try yourself :)

In other news, Dh turns 45 today!!! We're off for a fun day of fishing this morning and later I'll be grilling steaks and baking him a pecan/coconut cake ....mmmmmm!!!!

So if I don't get a chance to post anymore today ~ hope you have a wonderful July 2nd!!

Take care and have a super day!!!


  1. Love the card!!

    And please wish E a Happy Birthday!!

  2. Happy Birthday E!!

    Have fun fishing with your hubby :)

  3. Fun! I went to the Ranger site and looked at all of their projects again. I forgot that they update those, so I found some more fun things to do. I love looking on their site for ideas because I have all of the products and supplies! *grin*

    Happy Birthday to DH!


  4. Hope you had a fun day celebrating! It's good to take a break from all that ink and just go fishing for a change!
    The UTEE Brights look intriguing, but I'm afraid I'm UTEE challenged so I'll just have to admire your work instead!

  5. It took me a couple days to realize I had to refresh my link to the Ranger page..duh!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful project or I would have been living in the dark ages LOL!...Jan

  6. OMGosh Roni, look at you being featured on the FRONT! CONGRATULATIONS, that is such an honor! The card is beautiful!!

    Happy Birthday to your DH! Hope you two had a great day fishing!

  7. We did have a great day ~ caught 8 fish :) Thanks everyone!


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