Sunday, July 13, 2008

Streuter Glue Film Product Review & Give-A-Way!!

Today as promised I want to talk about a relatively new adhesive on the craft market. Streuter Glue Film - a hot melt bonding film.

Streuter Hot Melt Bonding Film016

This adhesive is available in Clear, Black, and Pewter colors all in 8 1/2" x 11" sheets. When this film is heated it forms an EXTREMELY strong bond between whatever you want to bond together! Everything from paper, wood, metal, glass, beads, chipboard, acrylic pieces, glitter, fabrics...virtually anything that can be heated can be used with this product!! It is simply amazing!! You can get a free sample here Glue Film Free Sample! Be sure and tell them you saw it here on Ink Stains!!

Now, I like to try lots of different experiments on new products and I must say, this stuff is awesome! (At times I just do things to see if it can/can't be done.) Well, I wanted to see if I could adhere a domino to a Memory Glass slide... All I did was place a piece of the Glue Film between the slide & domino and heated with my Heat-It Craft Tool. Waited a few seconds for it to cool off and ta-da ~ it worked like a charm!! I tried my darnedest to pull them apart but they just would not budge!

Have no fear though...I heated the piece back up and they slide right apart! How cool is that ~ not something you can do with just any adhesive. And trust me, I am an adhesive queen...I have tried them all!!! Re-heating will even break a paper to paper bond so it is virtually mistake free!!!

There is another feature to this adhesive that I not only adheres but if you care to you can also seal your work with the Glue Film as well!! You'll see what I'm talking about below when you check out the little block I made.

Sounds good so far ~ now you're asking how does it work? It's very simple ~ read on...

Since this is a Hot Melt Bonding Film you of course need heat. Their web-site suggests you use a heat gun/embossing gun or a hot hair dryer. I also used my mini Heidi Swapp craft iron (regular irons work as well) when I knew everything I was going to be bonding would be a flat material.

If both of the materials you want to bond are heat resistant (meaning they won't melt into a pile of goo or burst into flames) you simply make a sandwich as shown. Heat with your heat gun or craft iron.

If you are going to be working with something that has a low melting point then you will place the Glue Film onto your foundation, heat and quickly apply the item you wish to attach by simply pressing it into the hot Glue Film. Let cool.

It's as simple as that! No fuss, no muss. I did notice when trying Heating Technique #2 the Glue Film would migrate as it was being heated leaving gaps without adhesive. Normally this won't be a problem but if it is it was easily remedied by adding a bit more of the film over the bare spots.
I also noticed that when I used the heat gun the corners of my copy paper wanted to curl (because of the heat) so I just used my pick to press it back down into the molten Glue Film. I'm sure if you were using a heavier cardstock you would not have this problem.
Here is a project I made using the Clear Glue Film....
Streuter Hot Melt Bonding Film001
Streuter Clear Glue Film (the pink sheet on the right hand side)
Collage Images - Hannah Grey
Foundation - in this case an old stamp handle
Craft Iron or Heat Gun
1. Cut the film to size and place it on the foundation.
Streuter Hot Melt Bonding Film003
2. Place the material which you want bonded to the base over the Glue Film and heat. Let Cool.
Streuter Hot Melt Bonding Film005
3. Once cooled, you may attach your collage images a couple different ways. You can cut pieces of the glue film to match your collage images or you may place a second sheet of the Glue Film over the entire project. (I used the 2nd option - see step 4 for the reason why) Layer collage images as desired.
Streuter Hot Melt Bonding Film007
4. Heat the collage images. O.k. this is what I was talking about when I said you could also seal your project using the Glue Film. Remember I used a full sheet of the Glue Film when smaller pieces the size & shape of my collage images would have worked. Well, the excess film melts and becomes molten - you can spread this molten glue around using the iron to not only adhere the collage images but cover them in a protective coating as well!! This totally eliminates the extra step of applying various types of other sealers (such as a spray acrylic, mod podge, etc)!
Now, don't worry about your craft iron having glue all over the bottom. Since the adhesive is molten on the iron I simply cleaned mine off by running it over scrap paper. Wipe with a dry cloth to be sure it's completely free of adhesive.
Streuter Hot Melt Bonding Film008
5. If you have any extra bits of the collage images hanging off your project, trim with a craft knife.
You're project is finished unless you'd like to add extra bits...which I did of course! ;)
Streuter Hot Melt Bonding Film010
Now that's not all there is to this amazing product! Streuter Glue Film also works for image transfers!!! It makes this technique soooo easy ~ you will want to put image transfers on all of your projects. The best doesn't have to be a Xerox copy. I tried this using glossy collage images as well as images I printed off my ink jet. How cool is that! No more trying to find somewhere you can make copies of your images, you can print them yourselves!
Image Transfer How To: You simply sandwich your image face down as shown in Heating Technique #1. Once cooled I spritzed the back of the image and rubbed off the paper. The Glue Film forms such a strong bond that you don't need to work very hard at getting the excess paper pulp off of the film to reveal a great image!
Here are a couple examples of some image transfers I made using the Glue Film.
The Very Thought of You ATC (paper 2 chipboard - Pewter Glue Film)
I LOVE this ATC ~ the image transfer adds such a haunting quality to him that is iresistible.
Streuter Hot Melt Bonding Film012
Fishy Fishy (paper 2 metal - clear Glue Film)
In the past you haven't been able to get good image transfers onto metal without some difficulties (at least I haven't). Well, no more!! Making this IT was no more work than the first transfer. Simply make the sandwich, heat, cool and rub. WORKED LIKE A CHARM!!!! Just think of the possibilities this opens up! You can add an image transfer too all of those candy tins you've been saving for "just the right thing"!
This is going to be the front of a mini book I'm going to make - I aged the transfer by applying a bit of Walnut Stain Distress Ink with my IBT for a bit of age & character.
Streuter Hot Melt Bonding Film013
I also tried a couple of projects using the ever trouble-some glitter!! I used both regular glitter as well as it's more difficult to attach counterpart - Glass Glitter. Both worked equally well with the Glue Film.
This example was made by placing a sheet of the Pewter Glue Film over a piece of chipboard, the image over the Glue Film then sprinkling glass glitter over the entire piece. Heat using a heat gun or embossing gun and let cool. Once cooled shake off any excess glitter! That's IT!! (sorry the image isn't better...the glass glitter reflected so much it messed with my auto-focus.
Streuter Hot Melt Bonding Film014
The last example was made by layering a piece of the Clear Glue Film over my chipboard inked base card, heating then sprinkling the glitter over the top of the molten Glue Film. The area where I wanted to place the collage image was re-heated and the image was then pressed into the adhesive. The words were applied in the same fashion.
Streuter Hot Melt Bonding Film011
I have to say after playing with this adhesive I would most definately give it two thumbs up! It is simply amazing! This Glue Film is so versatile and could be used in many. many different applications I just can't see why you wouldn't want to have some of this adhesive in your stash of must have's.
Now on to the really fun stuff....the GIVE-A-WAY!!!
All you have to do to be entered for your chance to win 3 sheets of Streuter's Glue Film (one of each color) is tell me if you think you would like to use this adhesive and what you'd do with.
Maybe you would be try the image transfer, make yourself a canvas or maybe you'd just like to play and experiment like I did.
You'll have until next Saturday (July 19th) to tell me if you'd like some and what you would do with it at which time I will randomly draw the winner (using out of all of the posters.
If you don't want to wait you can order the Glue Film from Streuter's site. They offer FREE shipping and they do ship internationally. Please note - International orders need to be e-mailed, phoned or faxed. can't win if you don't post!!
Good Luck Everyone :)
Go Get Inky!!!


  1. Dolly, I just happened to stop by, I appears not long after you put this post up! I just wanted to tell you that I am ALWAYS blown away by your amazing talent!! I would give anything to have you as my next-door neighbor so I could come watch you in action! I think about you so often and am so very proud of you! (((HUGS)))

  2. Hi Roni!! Love your projects. :) You are so talented.

    If I was to try this new, revolutionary product I think I would like to try my hand at artist canvases. I would like to 'branch out.'

    Thanks for some more great examples. :) And I would like you to be my next-door neighbor! :D

  3. Your work is so awesome!!! I've totally wanted to try the image transfer techniques-but have never had the nerve-this is just the push I need to try it!! would love to win some!!

  4. Ah Ha!!!!
    I am so proud of myself that I guessed two of the techniques (on last post)!!!

    OK... I have NEVER done an image transfer... How's that for a confession???
    And glitter is not my friend....there is another...

    This stuff looks awesome! I will do the two aforementioned techniques if I win!

  5. another poster who has never done an image transfer your tutorial is awesome (as well as beautiful projects)!!!! thanks for sharing! :)

  6. See, Andi? We were BOTH right!

    Well, I just spent several hours last night gluing paper to both sides of my 4x4" book pages. Let's see - 11 x 2 sides + 22, plus an additional strip on the back side of each one means 22 + 11 more is 33 SHEETS TOTAL that I glued last night!

    I use the old telephone book glue base - where you open an old telephone book on your work surface, place the object you're gluing on the page, glue and then flip the page to a clean work surface afterwards so you don't contaminate your area with glue splotches.

    So, what I would do with this incredible new product? I would... GET RID OF MY TELEPHONE BOOK GLUE SURFACE! lol ALL glues are messy and miserable to work with, as far as I am concerned. It would be heaven on earth if I had a reliable glue that I could use for virtually any project and not make a mess every single, stinkin' time!

    So there!

  7. That's an innovative product. I'm thinking of an altered hanger with lace. This should do the trick!

  8. I would love to try this product. Thanks for the tips/techniques. Your work is awesome!!!!

  9. I would love to try the product. An image transfer sounds like fun. I have tried the one using the dabber inks but this one sounds great. Love your web site.

  10. wow this stuff is cool, I want to try some!
    I wabnt to make all the projects you have shown today, You mare such an inspiration!
    Particularly love the glitter and the mini collage and the use of the glue as a sealer and image transfer-cool!

  11. I'm thinking the image transfer would be my top interest item for this new product. It sounds great!

  12. I would love to play with it for adhering bulky items that don't work with any roll or strip glues I already have,soI don't have to use something like Glossy Accents

  13. Thank you, thank you for testing all these new products and taking us step by step!! Honestly, you make everything sound so easy, when I know it isn't!!
    Well, the image transfer sounds the most intriging but I have to say that my vote would be for adhering things to glass and metal! I have never been able to get that right!

  14. I'm thinking of all kinds of fun things to adhere to my cards ... fabric, buttons, metal ... thanks for the chance to win ... I always love how you try things and show us cool new stuff.

  15. What a great tutorial - this sounds like a super product. I've already sent for my sample, but would to love your giveaway! I'd like to try the transfers - sounds easier than other methods - and this would be great for adding text to canvases and collages. I hate putting adhesive on those tiny pieces. Thanks for sharing all the techniques and tutorials you do.
    I nominated you for some awards. Check out my blog at


  16. Lovely projects! I would love to try it out and do what you did too!! Thank you for the chance :)
    bunnybox9 at gmail . com

  17. wow roni this is one magnificent stuff!!! i would love to try image transfer which i still have not tried. hope to

  18. Great product. I'm like a sponge at this point. Learning as much as I can and open to try (and fail!). I'd like to work with some of the stained glass leftovers and bond to my Dream Boxes and use to bond collage work to glasss.
    Thanks for sharing.

  19. I would love to try this - I would use for image transfer - but also to use for glass glitter bonding.

  20. Hi Roni, I can't wait to try the image transfer project. My transfers never turn out quite right--this looks like what I need to make them work. I also want to try some glitter. Thanks so much for the inspiration. Charlene

  21. WOW, this stuff looks AWESOME! I would love using it on journal pages, the image results with this are so iffy...and just experimenting with it. Thanks for the great tutorial.

  22. Julie (cougstamper)July 15, 2008 at 1:22 PM

    I love using glass microbeads and would like to try adhering them with this new glue film medium... I can imagine that both of the ways you illustrated adhering glitter would work for microbeads as well. I'm really interested in the option of pewter colored glue film... double duty: color & adhesive!

  23. Wow! This adhesive sounds fantastic. I would like to win the 3 free samples so that I have a reason to buy one of those cute pink irons!

    I love "Bling" so that would be my main use for this film.

    Betty Todd in KY

  24. Very cool - I think I would first try the collage techniques you presented. I don't like the way liquid coatings and glues change the colors and textures of collage papers, so this looks perfect!

  25. Oh how great for alter projects...where you have those little special add ons.
    Thanks for sharing!

  26. I'd use it to alter some microscope slides. I've always wanted to try doing them but haven't yet.

  27. About time there was a phenomenal glue product that was easy to use!
    I would like to try transfers....the bane of my existence!
    All your projects are inspiring!

  28. Hi Roni,
    I am just in the process of hunting down sites I didn't save, so when my computer crashed, I had nothing!, And I found your link again. WEll, I have tell you, this glue film sounds amazing. If it works like you say, and gives such great results like your samples(which are amazing)
    I NEED IT!!
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Cindy in Chicago

  29. I'm thinking some collaged necklaces... Fun stuff!

  30. I think I would try the collage like you did, but with a black and white of my Mom, mayber with some fairy wings. New to your blog, came across you via Splitcoaststampers and was shocked, because this my style of crafts I dream of doing. Can't wait to dive in to your past. Take Care

  31. Wow...what a great sounding product! I would love to try it out for several things. The image transfer intrigues me and it would be great with collaged jewelry. I'd love the try the canvas too. Thank you for the helpful tutorial...your projects are lovely!


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