Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Stipple Brush & Stencils

If you missed yesterday's post I was talking about Stipple Brushes ~ general info and basic uses. Well today I want to continue on with the Stipple Brush and show you how easy it is to pair it with stencils!


Stipple Brush

Stencil - Coffee Break Design

Distress Ink - Ranger

Adirondack Dye Ink - Ranger

Glossy Cardstock - Ranger

Stamp - Wildflower Designs

Stipple Brush & Stencil006


1. Begin by stippling Scattered Straw over the entire piece of cardstock.

Stipple Brush & Stencil007

2. For this example I am using a background stencil. The stencil it's self doesn't cover my entire card panel so I need to find the center of your cardstock and make a small mark with a pencil. (This mark will be erased later.) This is our anchor point for our stencil when we flip it.

Stipple Brush & Stencil009

3. Position the stencil using the mark we previously made and begin stippling color onto the cardstock/stencil. I started by adding Broken China at the bottom, worked my way into Shabby Shutters and ended up with Worn Lipstick in the inner most sections. You will want to blend a few of the holes for a smooth transition.

Stipple Brush & Stencil002

4. Remove the stencil & reposition. Repeat step 3

Stipple Brush & Stencil003

5. Your background paper will look something like this.... It's ready to be used!!

Stipple Brush & Stencil004
And here is the finished card!! Notice how the Distress Ink resisted the Dye Ink stamped over it? Cool effect huh? I think so!

Stipple Brush & Stencil005

Now, just think of all the possibilities this opens up!
This technique adds life to all those long forgotten stencils buried in your stash!
Dig 'em all out ~ those yucky old plastic stencils, cheap cardboard stencils, alpha stencils...the list just goes on and on!!
Put them to some great use with some dye ink and your stencil brush!
Tomorrow we'll talk about masks & stencil brushes!


  1. Thanks for a great tutorial. I just got out my old stencils and started messing around with glitter. Now after reading this I have some new ideas too.

  2. Love this! I love how you used the different colors and I am way into circles and dots right now so this is right up my alley.

    Hey - where did you get the Coffee Break Design stencils? I have been looking for those and so far I have found two places that sell them, but only certain ones. I wish I could find their complete line. I LOVE these stencils because they are sturdy and the designs are arty (not "cute"). I hate the flimsy stencils and templates that are on the market now, ya know?

  3. Very cool. Love the tut.

  4. Thanks!!

    Phinny ~ I got this one from Hannah Grey. You might want to e-mail her as they may not be listed on the site yet. I agree ~ They are very cool stencils!!

  5. Ah... I just happen to know Shosh and group from Hannah Grey so I will go ask. Thanks!!

  6. Hey Roni! Love the card... I've always loved that subtle resist from the Distress Inks. This is a great way to take advantage of it!


  7. Kewl card - I love the resist effect! I don't have any stencils but as I was reading the tutorial, it came to mind that I could probably make my own with my wishblade =)


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!