Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Stipple Brush Magic - follow up questions

A few people e-mailed or posted asking a couple questions so I thought I'd post for everyone in case others had the same thoughts....

Tamsie asked why I heated this image after it was stamped....

stipple brush024

This is a "watercolor" stamped image...basically all that means is I inked the stamp up with a dye ink (Denim & Pesto for this example) as you normally would. I then misted it with water - this is what gives the image the watercolor effect. Once it's stamped you will notice that there will be puddles of water in some areas of the stamped image. I like to heat the image immediately because as those puddles dry you will have a nice variation of lights and darks. You can leave the image to dry naturally but you run the risk of the watery ink running, smearing or blending together.

Doris asked how I stippled the butterfly on this card without getting the wrong colors on other parts of the image....

stipple brush026

Actually, this image was stamped in 3 parts. I stamped one image onto the card it's self, then 2 additional images on to a scrap piece of glossy cardstock using Archival Ink.

I stippled the background of one of the images...

stipple brush012

And the butterfly of the 2nd image....

stipple brush009

I cut each of these 2 images out and mounted on the original image stamped on my stippled cardstock panel.

stipple brush026

You can see the butterfly was mounted using Pop-It Dots just to give some added dimension.

Hope this helps and answers your questions!

I'll have another fun technique using the stipple brush to share later today :)

Hope you'll stop back and check it out!

Till then...ttfn!


  1. Lovet his card! Who makes the butterfly stamp?

  2. The butterfly stamp is by Queens Dresser Drawers! Love her stamps!!

  3. Love that card! I ended up having to give my stipple brush a little haircut after the little accident with the ATG gun.


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