Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Risque Women - Mini Mica Book

I am so excited to share this mini book with you. It turned out far better than I had hoped!! Don't ya love it when a project turns out like that!!

For this project I used mica sheets as I did with yesterday's charms. Instead of using 2 identical sheets I just used one piece for the page and adhered the images/words to the front sides using the Glue Film.

Risque Women001

Mica Sheets - US Artquest
Queen's Dresser Drawers Skinny Mini Risque Collage Sheet - Hannah Grey
Streuter Glue Film
Adirondack Alcohol Ink - Ranger
Alcohol Ink Tool - Ranger
Archival Ink - Jet Black - Ranger
Flourish Stamp - Fancy Pants
Crop-A-Dile - WeR Memory Keepers
Wire - unknown
Clear Acrylic Sealer - Plaid


1. Cut desired images from collage sheet and print desired words from computer.

2. Determine which images/words you will be using for each piece of mica. I like to lay them all out before hand then arrange the order of sheets alternating sizes & shapes to give the book a fun finished look.

3. Adhere the images/words to each sheet of mica. You may use your favorite adhesive to do so. I used Streuter's Glue Film because it's quick and no dry time is necessary. Simply cut a small piece of Glue Film and place it where you want your image/word. Layer the image over the piece of Glue Film and heat with embossing gun or iron.

4. It is time to add holes to your pages. To ensure I had proper hole alignment on each "page" I made 2 marks on my Non Stick Craft Sheet with an erasable marker. I placed each sheet of mica over the guide marks and added dots with the marker. This way I knew they would all match.

Risque Women004

5. Next, flip all of your sheets over and stamp on the back sides using Archival Ink. Let dry completely.

Risque Women 005
NOTE - these next steps are self explanatory so I didn't take pics....
6. Once the pages are dry, mist the ink with a light coat of clear acrylic sealer. Let dry.
7. Apply desired colors of Alcohol Inks to the back side of each page.
8. Add eyelets and bind in desired fashion. I used a vintage copper wire to bind my pages so they could be hung from a necklace.
Although I don't have the necklace part finished you get the general idea!
Risque Women010
Risque Women012
Risque Women013
Risque Women014
Risque Women015
Risque Women016
Risque Women017
Risque Women018
Risque Women019
So there you have it...another fun project made with Mica!
Told you this stuff was cool. There are loads more fun things you can create with Mica but that's all I'm going to share at this time. I hate to dwell on a particular item too long so at some point in the future I'll come back and explore mica some more.
Tomorrow I'm going to be showing you Ranger's new Metallic Crackle Paints!!!
Mmmmmm you are gonna love this stuff!!
Till then friends, have a super evening!!


  1. Love the book. That is DANG cute!

    And thanks for the tip on how to correctly space holes using your craft sheet to do the initial measuring. Great tip!

  2. Looooooooooooove how you tinted the mica! It looks so cool and never would have occurred to me!

  3. That is so cool, Roni!! Love it!!

  4. Wow Roni I love your Mini Mica Book. It looks really cool.

    I’ve nominated your blog for an award too. Details are on my blog. :o)
    When I was given the award it didn’t have any nomination details with it. If you wish to pass it on I’ll leave you with that choice but please accept that I find loads of inspiration from your blog.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    Sorry that I haven't been able to thank you properly for my grungeboard prize but it hasn't arrive yet, most probably delays in crossing the pond.

  5. Thanks Guys :) Glad you like!!

    Karin ~ I'm so sorry the Grunge Board isn't there yet! I sent it quite some time ago ~ I surely would have thought it would have made it there by now!! Please e-mail me your addy again (I don't keep them after I send something) and I'll get another package shipped out to you! Thanks for the award!!! :)

  6. This is very cool !
    I learn a lot , thank you .
    Rini - the Netherlands


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