Saturday, July 12, 2008

Precious Beginning ATC

Short on time today ~ we have a huge order we have to go sew over at the bldg. so I have a fun ATC to share with you. This ATC was made for the Hannah Grey Design Team :) It can be seen in person at The Original Rubber Stamp Convention in Carson CA this weekend! If you're able to attend stop in and say Hi to Shosh and check out all the fun stuff she has with her :)


*Note - much of the supplies used are from HG but aren't on the site at the moment because she took much of her stock with her to the show. After she returns and restocks it should be back up again!

Bird Collage Sheet - HG

Adirondack Alcohol Ink - Ranger - HG

Inkssentials Ink Applicator & Felts - Ranger - HG

Window ATC (front & back set) - HG

Mica - HG

Distress Inks - Ranger

Inkssentials Pop-It Shapes - Ranger

Waterbrush - Niji

Words - computer generated


1. Apply Pesto, Meadow and just a drop of Butterscotch Alcohol Inks to the Ink Applicator & Felt. Pounce onto the ATC pieces both the top window & the bottom base. Note - since this is a matte uncoated cardstock the inks will not spread and move around as they do on glossy cardstock. Therefore you will need to pounce on more ink that with the glossy cs. I do like to AI this type of paper though ~ it gives you more control over where the color goes.

2. Color bird & nest images using Distress Inks & Niji Waterbrush. Let dry.

3. Cut images out of the sheet.

4. Mount bird onto the front window of the ATC & adhere words - Precious Beginning.

5. Attach the Mica sheet to the back side of the window using your favorite liquid adhesive. Let Dry.

6. While the mica is drying, attach the nest to the back portion of the atc & add the word Nest.

7. Mount the window onto the back portion of the ATC using Pop-It shapes or other foam tape.

Precious Beginning ATC

HG July017

Inside - in the photo it's difficult to see the bird nest but IRL you can see it easily. I couldn't get the mica not to throw a glare despite various angles.

HG July019

Hope you have a wonderful weekend everyone!!


  1. Wowsiers is this ever cool! I have never seen these window ATC's.
    Roni you always do such great work but this is exceptional!...Jan

  2. That is amazing! Love the window, and I can see the nest just fine. What a cool interactive ATC!!

  3. Roni that is a great idea to have a window in your ATC! I love the bird and the nest lol!


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