Saturday, July 12, 2008

New Adhesive Review Coming Tomorrow!!!

Be sure to check in tomorrow as I will be sharing a relatively new adhesive on the's really cool stuff and you'll have a chance to win some for yourself!

As I was experimenting with it I found out something really awesome you can do with it which makes one particular technique a breeze!! What is that technique?!?! I'm not telling.......You'll just have to stop in and see for yourself! Till then you'll just have to guess!!


  1. Otay, I'll bite! Let's see....

    The 'transfer' technique? Cover photo or image with the new adhesive (instead of packing tape).... no guess that won't work! Unless... hmmm..

    Or, applying glitter?

  2. Oooh - that's a good guess, Andi. Hmm... is it non-wrinkling to paper so I can use it for my ACTs and altered book pages?

    I can't wait to see!

    Hey - it's tomorrow (at least in MY time zone). GET UP! Get up and post! lol

  3. Ha Ha...Andi & Phinny you were right on all accounts!!!! This stuff is amazing!!!


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