Thursday, July 10, 2008

More CHA Goodies to check out!

Been surfing for more new goodies coming out at CHA....

Prima -

Check out the Summer Singles & Paradise Petals, Cabana Petals, Flower Power, Crystals & Felt; and I love the Frillies & Leaves!! Not so cracked up about the papers but can't have everything - LOL!!!

Here is a new place that is located in Australia - Dark Room Door. I dearly hope that they find some stores in the US to carry their stamps. I LOVE all of their images! They also have something called Montage - really cool collage sheets!!! Their paper is awesome as well :) Way cool company!!!!

Paisley Pink's new stamps!

SEI has some new stamps coming out to match their newest paper lines but I couldn't find any large pics...just tiny ones so nothing to show there but keep your eyes open, I think you'll like them!

New Luxe Design Clear Stamps and their Spring line in case you haven't seen them. They've also got some great new "Color Me" papers which are pretty cool! I also really like their new "It's about Time" line as well!

New Fontwerks - Love them!! The mushrooms are way too 70's - Made me laugh :)


  1. I found a place in the US that sells Darkroom Door...I can't wait to get my hands on some of their stuff!!

  2. OH!! Would you mind sharing the link? I would LOVE to get some of their stamps!!!

  3. Ohmgosh - you're not kidding about those Prima papers. What are they thinking?!? LOL I am not much for flowers, but those Frillies are gorgeous.

    Yes, I've seen Darkroom Door before but I gave up on them when I couldn't find a place (either retail or online) that sells their product lines. I still can't - I went on their site and blog again tonight. I sent an e-mail to the N American distributor, but we'll see if I get a response back.

    Hey - there are some cool things from Fontwerks, too. I love the set called Blox Alpha. HEADS UP: they are having a blow out 30% off sale on everything right now - even clearance and seconds. Sheesh - I so want to order. *sad face*

    Cool stuff, Rice-a-Roni! *grin*

  4. Ooh, thanks for the links! And Thanks for entering our giveaway! :)

  5. Just a heads up... we found someone who sells the Darkroom Door stamps so e-mail me or Roni if you are interested!


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