Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mica Charms II

When I first started talking about Mica I told you there were a couple basic types - composite mica which is lots of smaller pieces of mica pressed together and cut into nice neat chunks.


I then showed you how to make some cool charms from these pieces by layering smaller portions together for a great sparklie look....


Well today I want to show you how to make charms using the Sheet Mica. This is mica as it is found in nature. Several sheets of mica all sandwiched together into one nice neat package!


You can see the difference immediately! Sheet Mica can be peeled apart which is what gives you the variety of color. The more sheets the darker your piece will be. The more layers you peel away the lighter your individual pieces get. Eventually if you peel enough layers away your remaining piece will be almost clear. I say almost because there may or may not be inclusions (see the pic below) which will show up in some layers but not others. Remember, this is a natural material so no two pieces are going to be exactly alike.


On to the Sheet Mica Charms!!

mica charms II002


Sheet Mica - USArtQuest

Queens Dresser Drawers Skinny Mini Collage Sheet - Hannah Grey

Streuter Glue Film

Embossing/Heat Gun or Iron

Crop-a-dile - WeRMemory Keepers

Jump Ring


1. Peel your mica piece into 2 separate sheets. (these will be the top & bottom of your charm)

2. Cut desired image from collage sheet. Test fit on your mica piece. Remember to allow room at the top of the mica piece for your eyelet.

mica charms II003

3. Place a sheet of Glue Film on one sheet of your mica.

4. Trim away excess Glue Film around all edges of the mica. Don't throw away the excess Glue Film. It will come into play later on.

mica charms II009

5. Add your collage image over the Glue Film then add the top mica sheet. This is where the excess Glue Film comes into play. If desired, you may place the excess pieces of Glue Film over the collage image to add extra sticking power. It's really not necessary but it helps use up those little left over bits.

mica charms II004

6. Heat with embossing/heat gun or iron. NOTE - if your "sandwich" slips & slides once heated now worries - simply heat and quickly slide the stray pieces back into place.

mica charms II005

7. Now it's time to add an eyelet at the top - I have found the Crop-a-Dile works like a charm on Mica...no matter how many sheets you're using, 1, 2 - 10 it cuts like butter.

mica charms II006

8. Add a jump ring and you're all set!

mica charms II001

And there you have it....you can see how different these charms have turned out compared to the Composite Mica Charms. They have less of the glittery look and offer up a more vintage weathered feel. Both have their places and I'm sure you'll have your own favorite but me, I'd be hard pressed to choose a favorite.

Check back tomorrow where I'll share a fun mini Mica book I've made :)
Till then friends...a little piece of Inky Wisdom....
You know you're doing it right when you're covered in ink!!


  1. Wow - gorgeous AND easy. My fav combination!

    I was going to ask about your source for the Mica sheets, but you answered that in the supplies. USArtQuest - check!

    Also, I have my Strueder Glue Film and I played with it for the first time last night. First let me say - AWESOME. I love it and everything Roni said in her demo is true. I was attaching two pieces of thin chip board (4x4" size, of course!) and the top of my sandwich kept curling UP. KWIM? So, I heated it and then flipped it over to heat some more. Then when I it was all melted, I turned off the heat source and rolled it with my small Ranger brayer. That did help, but I still think there is a better way of doing it. Any suggestions?

    I am looking forward to seeing the Mica book tomorrow!

  2. These are beautiful, can see endless possibilities!! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Replies
    1. I'm sorry - they have stopped making them. Too bad - it was a great product.


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