Saturday, July 5, 2008

CHA Previews - Summer 08

Yes I know, don't even have everything I wanted from the last CHA and it's already time for companies to start rolling out MORE new goodies!!!!!!! Geez, it's a never ending cycle of want/search for/want/buy/even more WANT!!! LOL!! I wish sometimes they would just slow down a bit so I could use what I have more before I find additional items I must have.

Anyway, I thought I'd share some CHA Previews I've found here and there....

This is someone I've not heard of before. No stamps but they have some cool papers coming out Glitz Design - Hallow Collection; Hot Mama Collection; Angst Collection; Basics Collection; Glam Collection.

Daisy Bucket Designs (scroll down for the stamps)

Technique Tuesday - Lots of great new stamp sets... I love the "E" is for set (E is for Eric!! - just need one for B now - lol!!). I also really like the Poppy Shop!

Art Declassified - Love Free Spirit!

Penny Black - Love the nature ones!

Not sure these are CHA Releases but Paperbag Studios has some GREAT new images!! I love the shoes the best!

Hero Arts - LOTS of cool new stamps to use in scrapbooks!!

Inkadinkado - Too many cool stamps to name!! I think I want them all - LOL!!!

Paper Inspiration - Clear Stamps & Art Stamps

Stampendous - Lots of cool new stamps...those monkies are just too cute!

Well, that's enough to keep you busy window shopping for one day ;) I'll post more when I find them!

Hope you all had a great 4th!


  1. Hi Roni,
    Technique Tuesday has a B stamp that's like the E one! You can see it here:

    Thanks for the previews - lots of good "window shopping" there!

  2. Yay - Paper Bag Studios has a new set out. "Empty" with the chair really spoke to me.

    I also liked some of the Inkadinkadoo stamps(Psst... I really wish they'd change their name - sounds so silly for a grown woman to say, ya know? lol). The bird in a Santa hat is darn cute and I really love the Ornate series for Christmas. Yum!

    Oh man - so many stamps, so little time (and $!)

    Thanks for the previews, Roni.

    Now where are the RANGER previews, hmmm...? Isn't there an ADHESIVE you are going to tell us about? What else? Huh, huh, huh??

    (I want patience NOW! lol)


  3. The chair stamp spoke to me too, Phinny! It looks like the chair my G-mama always sat in. Good memories there!

  4. Aw... that's sweet, FWD. I think we BOTH need to get that on, huh?


  5. Cool Beans! Gotta pick me up one of those!! Way cool :)

    As soon as CHA starts I promise to share some of my Ranger Projects and at least a couple of their new products!! I'm sure everyone is going to love them ;) tee hee hee!!!

    New Adhesive this week as well ~ Really neat stuff!

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