Sunday, July 13, 2008

Blog Awards - Thanks Susan!!

The amazing altered artist and ZNE Design Team Member ~ Susan Tidwell honored me this evening with two awesome blog awards ~ Blog of Destinction & Brillante Weblog!! Thank you so much Susan, what a great surprise :)
You'll want to head on over to her site - Artful Musings and check it out. Be sure to look through her flicker album while you're there...she has shared some really beautiful creations in there!

So, here are the rules that go along with the awards:
1. You post the award logos on your blog.
2. You link back to the person who awarded them to you.
3. Nominate at least 7 people whose blogs you admire and add links back to their blogs.
4. Leave a message for the nominees on their blogs.

And, here are my nominees for inspirational blogs and very talented artists:

Robin - PearlEsq.
Rebecca - Vintage Girl, Altered World - My Sis & amazing Fiskateers Crafting Ambassador!!!
Be sure to check out their sites and all the amazing work these talented folks crank out!!!


  1. gee thank you roni for the honor!!!! thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Thank you so much for this award Roni! It could not have meant more if it had come with an enormous cash prize attached to it! (Wait a moment, who am I trying to kid? I would waaaaay rather have a whole bunch of money, but, failing that, I am touched that you gave this to me!)

  3. oh thank you so much!!! I appreciate you nominating me and I am very honored! :)

  4. Thank you Roni for this award, I'll be wearing it with pride on my blog! You've got a lovely blog, I'll be back visiting. Thank you ! X Hugz Fab


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