Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Beeswax Rubber Stamps - New Releases!!!

In case you missed it Beeswax Rubber Stamps just released a whole new slew of images...some very cool must haves in my book :) Be sure to check them out if you have time!!
Always happy to be a stamp enabler!!


  1. Oh no, there are too many beautiful new ones...what is a girl to do?? Is this what my new economic stimulus check is for??

    Thanks Roni!...Jan

  2. I got their newsletter today and I agree....some of those stamps are definate must-haves. :) Love the art work. Thanks for sharing this company on you blog. I may 'need' to get some of these stamps as a birthday gift to myself because I can't depend on my family for that!! LOL!!

  3. Uh oh, I'm in trouble now! The last time I looked at their website I ended up with 3 sheets! Of course, my dd bought them for me for a late Christmas and Mom's day gift so that was a good thing.
    Off to take a look!

  4. Hey Nanette!
    You should bookmark the stamps you want and make sure you email them to your family! That's what I did and that's how I ended up with THREE unmounted sheets of stamps!! I plan to do that for every holiday from now on!!


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