Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Artytart - Darkroom Door - Stamp It Australia

I was so excited to see a booth with Darkroom Door goodies! But I was even more excited when I saw they also had items from Stamp It - Australia!! Both companies offer up some really unique and cool items. The distributer for them in North America is Artytart!

EVERYTHING here is so cool....they have some paper called 9 Up or 16 Up - it's a 12x12 sheet of paper with 9 or 16 very cool images - everything from flowers, Christmas ornaments, vintage images, etc. It is way cool stuff! Love the ATC/collage possibilities of it all!!




I LOVE these filmstrips!!!



  1. Oh yeah....those film strips are so unique!! And I can see why you loved everything they had, they just look like your style!

  2. Yep, they are very much me! You know those people stickers...those would be PERFECT for ATC's!!! I am so lovin their goodies...I hope someone here in the states pics them up!

    I had ordered some stamps from AU and got them yesterday!! I can hardly wait to get them out and start playing (was sick today or they would have already been inked!)

  3. Hey - you got yours already?!? Where are mine?? Sheesh... I bet they are still traveling through Montana. That state takes forever to get through. lol


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