Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July Fun!!

I had such fun with my newphew on the 4th... My Mom always buys new squirt guns for the kids on the 4th so they were running around squirting everyone having fun. Matthew had a terrible time with the trigger...."It Har" (hard) so I helped him with a BIG squirt gun ;)

Here we are (you can see how wet we got)


Then he figured out that if he put his hand in front of the stream of water we'd really get soaked!!! I wasn't as excited about it as he was - LOL!!


And finally - Bob (youngest ds) LOVES water ~ he always has. I think he enjoys this part of the 4th more than the fireworks - LOL!! :)


Hope you all had a fun 4th :)


  1. Ah-h what wonderful family times!
    Thanks for sharing!...Jan

  2. Aw... that second pic of you, Roni, is wonderful. It looks like you managed to have some fun. Yay!

    Oh - and the water fight would totally be the best part of the day for me, too!

  3. what wonderful pictures! thanks for sharing!

  4. those are great pictures!! Is your hair up or did you get it cut? you look awesome!!

  5. Thanks everyone! :)

    Thanks Laurie :) Nope, no hair cut...I had my hair in a barrette with the "hanging down parts" wrapped up in a messy bun under my hat. Lots of ticks this year so I decided to wear the hat just in case! I hate those creepy crawlie things!


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