Monday, February 11, 2008

I Love You from Around the World!!

I thought it might be fun for making those last minute Valentines Day Cards for your loved ones.....I love you translated in lots of different languages :)

Bulgarian - АЗ любов ти

Chinese - 我愛你 (not sure which area of China this comes from.)

Croatian - Volim te

Dutch - ik houd van u

Filipino (Tagalog) -ako ibigin ka

Finnish - I-KIRJAIN lempiä te

French - je vous aime

German - ich liebe Sie

Greek - σας αγαπώ

Hungarian - Szeretlek

Icelandic - ÉG ást þú

Irish - chomh mór sin i ngrá leat, chomh doirte sin duit; (actually means I love you so much.)

Italian - ti amo

Japanese - 私は愛する

Korean - 나는 너를 사랑한다

Latin - EGO diligo vos

Latin American Spanish - YO amor usted

Norwegien - JEG elske du

Polish - JA miłość ty

Portuguese - amo-o

Romanian - I dragoste tu

Russian - я люблю Вас

Serbian - JA ljubav te

Slovenian - ljubim te

Spanish - le amo

Swedish - JAG älska du

Turkish - I aşk sen

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