Sunday, May 31, 2020

Jumbo Flowers with Rinea Foiled Papers

Good morning friends...I hope you're all doing fine this bright and beautiful Sunday morning.  I wanted to share my latest Rinea foiled papers jumbo flowers!

These flowers are so very easy to make and they add such a WOW! to your door decor. I choose Blush/Blush Starstruck and Lavender/Lavender Starstruck but you of course could make them from any color in the lovely line of Rinea foiled papers.  I also made the centers with various designs just to show what you could do with it. There are all sorts of different patterns and designs you could make for the centers - just let your imagination run wild!

For detailed instructions and supply list please see:

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  1. Those are gorgeous Roni! I can imagine how much more beautiful they are in person.


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