Monday, June 10, 2019

Here Fishy Fishy Fishy...

I am so excited to share a new set of peg stamps with you...

Actually this is only one of the 9 newly released peg stamp sets but for some reason it jumped out and me and I had to use it immediately!

My first card is a pretty straight forward clean and simple card (at least it is for me). 
I started off by stamping the sentiment (Mom & Dad clear set) using VersaFine Clair Nocturne ink. I then started adding the fish...the green angler was first cause he's just so stinkin' cute!  Next the puffer, some orange jellyfish and finally the school of bright green mini's. I used a blending brush to give the feel of water here and there and finished it off with some glitter bubbles!

After the first card I decided I wanted to think out of the box or rather the sea just to see what I could come up with.  I decided upon a fish conga line!  I started off with the squid and decided to add a puffer and angler fish line and well, I couldn't stop until the entire panel was full of fishy conga lines - LOL!!   Added the sentiment and called it good.

My final card happened by accident.  While I was testing ink colors on the squid I happened to stamp them side by side and noticed it made a new look so I experimented a bit and found something that worked great! It actually made me think of a water ballet with these fun fish! 

I drew tiny circles across a white cardstock panel and used that as a starting point to stamp. I stamped the squids with the tips of their heads on the edge of the pencil circle - 4 purple then 4 pink. It worked so well that I tried the puffers and tossed in the little mini's for fun. After I had stamped all of the designs I went back and erased all of the pencil marks, added a gemstone at the center and mounted it on the green card base.   I can't wait to take this idea and pair it with different fish/colors.

Can you tell...I LOVE these creatures!!


Rubber Stamp Tapestry - Undersea Adventures, Mom & Dad
Imagine - VersaFine Clair Inks
Sunny Studios - Sentiment Stamps
Gemstones, Glitter, Cardstock


  1. Those are so cute! The peg stamps look like they are very versatile. My favorite is the last card, took a lot of imagination to create it. Great job Roni!

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