Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Pigment Powder Glue Art

Today I wanted to share a fun idea...combining your pigment powders with glue.    I did this quite some time ago and paired the pigment powders with a clear gloss glue but decided to give my new Lindy's Magical Shakers a try with plain old white glue on canvas and here's how it turned out....

These turned out so pretty...I wish you could see the shimmer from the pigment powders IRL...they sparkle and shimmer like you wouldn't believe.

All I did was spread a layer of white glue over the canvas then sprinkle on the powders.  I left it to dry and the results are what you see.

I wasn't to show you the amazing texture of the surface of the canvas...it's really cool looking...

The speckles that show up really well in this photo are the bright shimmer of the powders...some areas the color is more prevalent, other places it's the shimmer.  Just such a nifty result.

This is another canvas I did but I misted the top of the glue with water before sprinkling on the powders.  I also took a tool and made circles in the glue right after I sprinkled the powder on.  You can see that (because of the water) the colors traveled more freely but the glue did hold some of the swirly designs.  

I think this is going to be a really fun technique to explore more in the future, more ideas rolling around that I want to try.


  1. Very pretty results. These look similar to “acrylic pours” I am seeing. Creative Bliss Dear...<3

  2. Very intriguing... I'm interested in trying those powders. I never thought about trying it with glue. :-) Thanks as always for your creativity.

  3. what are pigment powders?

    1. They're watercolors in powder form. Some brands are: Lindy's Magical Shakers, Color Burst, Brusho Crystal Colors, and Bister powders.

  4. Very cool look! I am going to give this a try - much easier than the acrylic pours, which I've done.

  5. Thanks. I have heard of Brusho powders. Have not tried them though. It looks like a fun thing to do.


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