Thursday, November 30, 2017

Did You Cave????

I am so glad that this week is almost over...I swear if I got one sale e-mail I must have received 500!  It's not only in my inbox, it's on facebook, on every google search I do, every where I turn there is a sale!!  Not only are there sales but they keep going and going. 

You all know how cheap I am... I am a sale shopping. I hate paying full price for anything so this time of the year is a real test of my will-power NOT to buy everything I see....  Because you know it's SUCH a great price - LOL!!  What's even worse (and killing me) is that they aren't just having sales, great sales mind you, they are extending these sales well beyond Black Friday / Cyber Monday.  What's a bargain shopper to do????

Now I won't say I've been an angel - because ya know some of these sales have been too good to pass up BUT I have bought several Christmas presents as well which is a good thing ;)  LOL!!  And besides, I have been fairly good recently keeping my crafty spending down to a minimum.

SO, the question is...did you cave in to all the folks out there hawking their wares for unbelievable prices????

I did however want to mention that tomorrow starts 

I mentioned it a couple weeks ago but in case you missed it Carve December is a challenge to carve a new stamp every day. You can click on either link above to go to the website to find out more. I would classify myself as a beginner because while I have carved a few stamps in the past it's been YEARS since I carved anything and the ones I did carve were very crude. I have already started carving and I must say I am thrilled with the results so far. I have made 5 stamps so far and I can actually see improvements with each one!  I wanted to carve a bit ahead because I know there are several days coming up when I won't have time to carve but I have found it to be so relaxing!  It's great fun.  

I also did a bit of an experiment with various types of rubber out there to carve. I will be sharing my findings with you very soon in case you'd like to join in the fun and not make the same mistakes I've made ;)  LOL!!

So I invite you to carve with me :) 
I'm sure we'll have loads of fun!!


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