Friday, March 20, 2015

Color Burst Cards

I have been playing and experimenting with Ken Oliver's Color Burst pigment powders and as a result I made a few cards using the results...

My first card was made using the stamp set Dreamy Daisies from Stamp-It Australia.  I love this stamp set - it's very sketchy looking.  I stamped the image with Black StazOn ink then colored with the Color Burst powers and a regular old brush.  For some reason the red in the top flower isn't showing up much...

To create this card I first masked off a rectangle in the center with washi tape.  I then stamped the daisy (also using the Dreamy Daisies/Stamp-It Australia) again with StazOn ink then painted with the CB.  

This is my favorite card of the day...I LOVE the patterns the powders create when flowing into the water.  This card was also masked off and then I just played...

Here is a close up of some of the beautiful colors at play...

And today's final card - it was headed for the trash bin for many reasons.  I used a piece of cardstock from club scrap that looked and felt a bit like watercolor paper.  I knew it wasn't but hey I like to experiment.  I was using left over colors from the above card so it was very much so that the paper warped quite a bit.  This is no fault to the paper - the daisy card above was made on the same paper.   Another reason I was going to pitch it was that I didn't press the washi tape down so I had a few leaks here and there.  

So I wadded it up and was going to pitch it but then I unfolded for a second look and nope...trash.  After I was done with the rest of the cards I decided to pull it out and give it one more look.  Well by that point the crumbling and flattening was starting to take care of the warping and I really do love the colors so I decided to wad it up a few more times and then iron it.  I used a ruler to make nice precise lines and decided to add the sentiment that fits this card perfectly.

Perfection can only be found in the eyes of the beholder...

The last two cards were mounted on some very precious comes from the Moody Blues club scrap kit from eons ago.  This is very thick, luxurious paper that feels almost like a stiff felt.  I LOVED it - this was from the last bits of both the blue and green I had left.  I am going to keep these cards and hang them up on my walls.  That way the paper will be cherished and I can admire it any time I want :)

I hope you have a very wonderful first full weekend of Spring (here in the US).  Happy Fall to those of you on the other side of the world!


  1. Love the cards especially the almost trashed one! ;) I'm wondering how these pigments would be on a mixed media canvas! Have you tried that yet? Hugs

  2. The trash cards always end up the best! Yours certainly did! Smiles

  3. Trash always becomes treasure. These powders are marvelous.

  4. Roni, these cards are just gorgeous and I'm glad you ended up rescuing your "trash" art :-). These powders look amazing.

  5. Love the cards, Roni! I'm partial to number 3 because of the color choice - my faves. I love working with the Color Bursts. It is so easy to achieve intense color. If you're interested, there is a Facebook group dedicated to exploring Brushos, Bister and Color Bursts. It is called Bister, Brusho, and Color Burst Enthusiasts. Just type that in the search box and it will take you there. Pat Schulz created the group on March 3rd and there are already 111 members.

  6. These are stunning! I love the watercolor effect. How beautiful!


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