Monday, January 5, 2015

Metallic New Year

Happy Monday Friends!  I hope you've all had a wonderful first day back to work/school.  I am happy to be back on a normal schedule again.  It's great to have time off but I like routine and knowing when people are going to be home and gone.  When we're all off it seems like everyone is going 10 different directions and I never know when I can clean, or when I should cook or where I'm going to sneak a few minutes in my art room.

I have been playing with circles lately.  Dh gave me a couple of the circle templates he found recently and I have a fancy circle template that goes from large (2" across) to tiny circles.  I have a really fun project using the larger template later this month but I wanted to share a New Years card I made using one of the smaller templates today.

Since 2015 is sparklie and new I wanted to make a few cards using IMAGINE Crafts/Tsukineko's Delicata inks - now it comes in not only gold and silver but Bronze and Copper (my fav!!) as well.  

I pulled out a sheet of cardstock, the template, sponge daubers and metallic inks.  To get natural random look I used one color of ink in three different size circles dotted all over the upper two thirds of the cardstock.  I then moved onto the next color of ink and used 3 more sizes of circles.  I continued adding circles until I was satisfied with the coverage.

You'll need to let the ink dry naturally which may take a while since it's a pigment ink or you can speed it up by using a heat tool to dry it quickly.

Once the inks were dry I made lots of different size dots using the Pico Embellisher in Bronze, Gold and Shimmer.  I still need to write up a post about this fun medium but haven't had the time yet.  

After the Pico Embellisher dots had dried I added circles made using glitter glue.  Once that layer had dried I stamped the sentiment and clock.  

I wish you could see how lovely all of the shimmery mediums look together.
It's so pretty and perfect for welcoming in the New Year.

Hope you all have a splendid week!


  1. Every time I visit I love what you make! Have heard of Pico but not the product you used so will be keeping a look out for that xx

  2. Hi Roni, Just love your circles, the card is beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing it !!!!!

  3. So simple and yet so colorful and just great!
    Thank you Roni, wonderful idea!

  4. toute simple mais bel effet ! j'aime Roni !

  5. Very pretty!!!! Love the circles!

  6. Looking forward to your post using these products as I love new ideas and sparkle/glitter!

  7. Very pretty! I love the new colors too.

  8. Lovely card! I have that gold ink pad and it is such a brilliant gold!
    stamping sue

  9. Gorgeous card love the way you have done the circles in those amazing colours

  10. Hi my sweet friend,
    I have missed you and posting comments about each of your creations more than you could ever know! Your card is fabulous! I love the shimmering circles which remind me of the sparkle of champagne bubbles which matches your New Years wish perfectly! I am sending you and your wonderful family all of my love for a new year filled with peace, joy, and inky fingers! Kathy


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