Wednesday, June 4, 2014

GlazOn - StazOn Layer Protectant

Monday I shared my Home Sweet Home - Bird House Pendant and I mentioned using GlazOn between the layers of StazOn Midi Inks.  Well that sparked much conversation and questions so I thought I'd address them here in case others were wondering about it as well.

You know sometimes when you stamp color a piece of metal, glass or other porous surface with StazOn it would be nice to be able to add more colors or stamp over it with other StazOn inks.  As many of you know if you apply an alcohol or solvent based ink over another they will react and 9x's out of 10 make a mess instead of a masterpiece.    

NOTE: The examples are shown using IMAGINE Crafts/Tsukineko Sheet Metal Charms.

Here is an example of just that very thing....St. Valentine's StazOn base layer...

Stamped with Jet Black StazOn and was able to wipe the image right off...taking some of the base color with it.  Of course there is a resist method using these steps but sometimes you actually WANT the image to stay put...not wiped away.

I was able to wipe all of the ink off with the wet ink.

So, time to start over this time using both StazOn and GlazOn....  add the base coat of St. Valentine's StazOn.

Once the ink was dry, apply a thin layer of GlazOn and let it dry.  I used my fingertip but you don't have to.  You can use a soft rubber spatula, paintbrush, etc. but remember to clean your tools because it will dry and may ruin a paint brush if let to dry as most mediums may. 

A question that I got several times was about dry times.  This medium dries very quickly so no worries about lengthy wait times.  I believe all of the layers I applied were dry within 30-40 seconds or so.  Not bad at all.  If you can't wait that long you can hit it with short blasts of warm air from your heat tool.  You don't want to dry it too quickly especially on metals.  The heat tool will super heat the metal very quickly and cause the medium to bubble up.  I found that short intervals of the warm air does the trick in like 15 seconds or so.  Almost instant gratification.

Next you can apply more inks.  For this example I stamped over the base coat with Jet Black just as I did in the first example.  After the ink was dry, I added another layer of GlazOn and let it dry.

I then added a bit of green and orange inks to various parts of the image, and another layer of GlazOn. I should have used a lighter base color but you can see enough of the other colors to get the drift.

The final layer of GlazOn also helps protect your creation from getting rubbed off with normal wear.  Now that's not to say if you really get nasty with it that you couldn't scratch it but it's pretty tough stuff.

I thought about my Spectrum Noir alcohol markers and decided to give the GlazOn a try with those.  So I set about testing another Sheet Metal charm...  Base coat /  GlazOn

Basic drawn image & color....  GlazOn

Drawing with more inks and a final layer of GlazOn!

And it worked!  Now I can't say if it will work with other AI markers (because I don't own any) but give it a could open up a whole new artsy world!  I know it has for me :)

Someone also asked about how much it costs...  I did some checking and it looks like you can find it anywhere from 3-4.00 a bottle which is .5 fl oz.  I know that doesn't sound like much but you only use a very tiny about for each layer...a small dot on the tip of my finger is all I used.  I've made the bird house pendant, several charms and experimented with other materials and I haven't even used a quarter of the bottle.  It goes a LONG way.


  1. Thank you for bringing this product to my attention. I just looked on Amazon and there is even a "Vintage" GlazOn. I'm looking at buying the 3 pack which has Original,Vintage, and Matte with free shipping. Under $10 is very reasonable I think. Especially if that price includes shipping also.

    I love both pieces that you did. The piece with alcohol markers is really cute. I like the St. Valentine's Stazon ink on the first one. I have not seen it in craft stores. In fact the craft stores I go to have a poor selection of Stazon ink. :-( Which is why more and more I buy things online.

    My crystal ball shows more experimenting in my future. ;-)

  2. Love the cute birdhouse! Great technique tutorial!

  3. I've used Glaz-On on dominoes and acrylic pieces.


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