Sunday, August 15, 2010

Vintage Postcard Sunday - Michigan!

I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!

I'm getting ready to make my home-made pizza :) It's actually 4 pizza's in one ~ we all like our pizza a little bit different so I try to please everyone with their own "sections".

Today I thought we'd travel not so far from my home and go to Michigan!

I've got some really OLD postcards from MI...the oldest and my fav. from's a hand painted image mounted on the postcard!

Really beautiful :)

So here you go...

Vintage Michigan!

mi 001

mi 003

mi 004

mi 007

(this one is my fav!)

mi 008

Whew...quite a trip huh?

Hope you enjoyed it!

Things to come this week....

By request I'll be sharing the step by step tutorial for the background that I used on the card for JFF Color Challenge #24 . Very easy and lots of fun ~ I guarantee you'll be making a pile of cool background papers cause it's so much fun ;)

I also have a couple fun ways to incorporate stamped images into your projects...neither of which require any special tools or mediums. Just a sharp pair of scissors or your cutter.

Of course I'll share a couple challenges with you and maybe even a distressed ink/stickles video (depending on how the week goes).

Hope you'll stop by and check it all out!

Have a wonderful evening friends!!


  1. yeah for MI! We do have some very pretty sights here...ty for sharing these great cards! You should visit!!!!!!! Wendy Vecchi was here this weekend! too fun! cher xo

  2. I have never seen those things before. They are so stunning. You are so lucky to have that kind of collections. It is a one of a kind collection.


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