Thursday, May 13, 2010

Scrolls Work Rubber Stamps & Give-A-Way!

Happy Thursday!

Well, we've got almost all of our business moved! We've got 4 days left on this months rent and I think we're going to make it!! WHEW ~ I was really sweating it... I hate cutting things so close to deadlines like that but when you're waiting on other people to do their thing you can only go so fast. It's storming today but they "say" no rain Fri/Sun so hopefully we'll be able to finish it all up in time!

Today I have another great rubber stamping designer/retailer to tell you about ~ Scrolls Work Stamps ~ a relatively new company that got it's beginnings from another designer. I had the pleasure to talk with Jacque ~ about her about it's origins and more....

IS ~ How long have you been stamping?
Jacque ~ About 18 years. My aunt was really in to stamping and it turned out to be wonderful bonding time for us.
IS ~ How did you get started designing rubber stamps?
Jacque ~ My mother in law started Inka Stamps about 10 years ago. I helped her design quite a few stamps and found it to be very fun. I have always loved any form of art. Last year she ran into some health problems, decided to retire and gifted my husband and I the business.
IS ~ Where do you get your inspiration from for your stamp designs?
Jacque ~ All over the place! Vintage images, postcards, blogs, my husband. He is a major mechanic and so he is the main one who inspired my steampunk styled stamps. Nature is a big one as well, I love to take pictures and so you will be seeing more photo’s to stamps coming soon. I am also working on a vintage rodeo set with some old family photos. My Great Grand Parents were very much into rodeo and trick riding so I have some awesome picture of them that will soon be a part of our stamp line.
IS ~ What is your favorite stamp?
Jacque ~ At the moment my favorite stamp is one called Doll Face, it is a little girl holding 3 dolls and she has this great look on her face that just tells you “Don’t even mess with my dolls!”

ScrollsWorks 005

IS ~ Anything special you’d like the readers to know about your stamps/designs/company?
Jacque ~ Yes. Anyone who knows me knows that I love games, board games, cards, dice, contests. I don’t care if I win I just love to play. I think it is also that I love a good challenge. So between our web site and our blog we have a lot of great contests and challenges, with our stamps as the prizes. I would love for anyone who would to play along as well.
IS ~ Are you an Angel Company?
Jacque ~ Yes we are. We encourage the usage of our designs for hand-crafted projects. As long as the items are hand-stamped designs and are not mechanically or electronically reproduced. Your art is yours to do with what you wish weather it be sold, displayed or gifted.
If you are published with our stamps we do ask that you give us the credit for the stamps used. We do offer $25 to any one who is published with our stamps and gives do give us credit for the stamps.
IS ~ What forms of payments do you take?
Jacque ~ Our web site check out is through PayPal. We do also except US Checks and Postal Money Orders.
IS ~ Do you ship internationally?

Jacque ~ Yes we do. All of our ordering info can be found at: Just make sure you scroll all the way down to the bottom to see all the info needed.

Now, I have to tell you I just LOVE these stamps! I fell in love with Scrolls Work when I first visited because they offer such a wide variety of images ~ many vintage in nature, that work so well together. I love to mix and match and that's what makes it so much fun. Their images work great for cards, ATC's (like the doll one I made above), scrapbooking, and they even offer smaller stamps that work well for jewelry, altered dominoes and Inchies too!

ScrollsWorks 001

Some of my favorite stamps are the Photo Realistic stamps....I just can't get enough of these types of stamps!

Erica is one of my fav's! I paired her with a set of cool looking wings and a nifty little saying for this tag.

ScrollsWorks 006

Another area of Scrolls Work stamps that I really enjoy is the Floral Section....they have such a nice variety of realistic flowers but also offer Deco, Asian and other styles as well.

ScrollsWorks 007

In addition to these stamps they offer LOADS of cool sayings, quirky Steampunk stamps and so much more!

There are just so many fun stamps at Scrolls Work it's hard to pick a favorite


I'm going to ask you to try...

Explore the site, check out the various areas and tell me what you like the best.


I'm going to be giving away lots of goodies and stamps!

You have 7 chances to win!!!!

I am giving away the following....

1. #4076 Doll Face & #1479 What a Doll stamps

2. #4536 Poppy stamp

3. #4066 Small Shaylee & #1424 Muse stamps

4. #4067 Small Tianna & #1441 Take Wing stamps

5. Spread Your Wings Bird Necklace

ScrollsWorks 002

6. Muse Necklace

ScrollsWorks 004

7. a $10.00 Gift Certificate to Scrolls Work Stamps!

All you have to do is post your favorite(s) stamp(s) to be entered to win!

You have until 5-19 to enter to win!!

Good Luck Everyone


Have fun exploring Scrolls Work Stamps!


  1. Scrolls Work stamps are nice! I used that same poppy stamp on a card on my blog last week--it's very versatile and a beautiful image! Yours is colored a lot better than mine, though!!! Great interview, Roni!

  2. I'm really into fairy images right now, so I'd have to say my favorite stamp was Tianna.

  3. Ok I will confess straight up that I most likely did not see them all (never one to do something orderly- jumped around and lost track! LOL) I love the stamps- awesome variety and rubber to boot! I picked out two at the moment favs (I have an instant need/idea for them!) and they are gothic fencing and typwriter keys alphabet! Thanks for introducing me to them!

  4. Scroll Works stamp ROCK! I love #5330-Raven. The prices are great too! WOW! Thanks for the heads up (and enabling)!

  5. What great stamps Roni! I fell in love with Beau and Freckles in the photo realistic group and I love all the Steampunk and Alice in Wonderland stamps as well.

    Elaine Allen

  6. They do have a lot of nice stamps. I especially love the goldfish rubber stamp and the fun and games stamps.

  7. Oh my goodness, I'm so excited to see you spotlight Scrolls Work. I have been stalking the store for quite some time now, making my wishlist, LOL! As for a favorite... when I recently saw "Deb & Rick" on a card, I fell instantly in love with it - so romantic! But Treaters, Ruffled Feathers, and Miss Tart are also very high on my wishlist. And I also just love the new Steampunk stamps, with the "Contraption" phrase... too funny! Thanks so much for a chance to win.

  8. Oh my ...I see so many. Must make
    #2560 Mirror Mirror $4.50
    #7115 Floral peacock $3.75
    #1850 Forever Friends $1.50
    #6336 Asian Star" $2.75
    #2545 Gothic Fencing $4.25
    #2551 Sequence Waste $2.75
    #2503 Wings-1 $2.50
    #2502 Wings-2 $2.50
    #2029 Garden Gate $6.00
    #7005 Dove $1.50
    #7013 Angel Wings $4.00
    #3076 Top Hat $1.50
    #3045 Party Hat $1.50
    #3084 Spiky Crown $1.50
    #3062 Moth Wings $3.00
    #3080 Tattered Fairy Wings $3.00
    #4041 Sm. Face $2.25
    #3079 Brigit $2.25
    #3032 Floral Scroll $1.75
    #3020 Keyhole $2.75
    #3024 dark feather
    #3023 Light Feather $2.50
    #3022 fan
    #3033 bee broach
    #3003 Scissors
    #3086 tea
    Most of the photo realistic ones
    The florals
    The word is

    I COULD just order them all!

  9. wow great site! tyvm Roni...In love with the dolls stamp..that face is priceless, but any of the games stamps would be fun to work with too...good luck all!


  10. I know I didn't see them all but I am going to order from them. The prices are great! It is nice to see a company which I can afford LOL I would hate to guess how many stamps I have but I am about to add some Scrolls Work stamps to my inventory! I love love love the Asian Ladies!! Also the Steampunk SECTION lol Thanks for sharing Roni!

  11. Oh, there are SO many to love! I really like the tattered fairy wings stamp! It is just so gorgeous!

  12. love them all! my fave would be your new "doll face" stamp. great interview and fun to find our more about you and your company. :)s

  13. I'm a member of Scrolls Work Design Team so I would rather not be incuded for a prize.

    However, I must tell you what I like about Scrolls Work . . . it is the excitement that resonates from Jacque as she runs the company. It is hard to take over from a pro, like Inka, and Jacque has stepped in with Inka's support to make Scrolls Work fly. It is fun to be a member of her team and watch the progress. Of course, I love the stamps and enjoy seeing what others, like you, create.

  14. I just recently ordered stamps from Scrolls Work for the first time. The stamps are Perfect!! My favorite stamp is "Ruffled Feathers", I plan on getting that one with my next order.

  15. It's a contraption of some sort, sounds like something my Grandmother would say! Love it, the site was great, lots of neat stamps and good prices.

  16. I recently placed my first order and just finished mounting and cutting them out! Not sure I can pick a favorite, because I like so many. If I have to pick, it would be the Alice in Wonderland! Very cool! I know win or not, I will be ordering more!

    Thank you!

  17. They have some really cute adorable vintage children!!

  18. Thanks for bringing Scrolls Work Stamps to me!! I LOVE these stamps..I loved INka Stamps before too! My faves are the vintage stamps of Children and Women. Can't get enough of them!! Thanks for a chance to win!!

  19. Love that poppy stamp.... Lovely!

  20. You are is hard to choose a favorite. They have so many great ones. I love the Steampunk series and I also loved the mini Asian stamps for jewelry, etc.
    And, I have to say I love her name....Jacque!

  21. talk about having a hard time choosing there are so many to distract you from the goal you set for us lol
    so I think ... Leafy Swirl and all of the other florishes :)
    thanks for the chance
    hugs Nikki

  22. I've quite a few stamps from this company, and from the company when her mil, Inka, had it. I love these stamps, especially the vinatage and Asian stamps! (My favorite stamps are ones that I bought from Inka - Penelope and distant Penelope). From Scrolls Work, I think my favorite is going to be "Emma". It's very hard to choose a favorite since I have some of the photo-realistic, florals and fantasy stamps!

    I'm glad Jacque took over this company and brought it back online so that I can continue to order them!


  23. I love the Asian scene stamps. They are so that a word??

  24. #4073 Emma
    #5530 Raven
    #7106 Harlequin
    #1416 Art is
    wow I am so glad i have found Scroll stamps they are just what i have been looking for now i only have to keep my fingers crossed they ship to the UK hugs Janet
    p.s ty for the chance of winning

  25. Those are really beuatiful stamps. I especially likes Ruffled Feathers and Miss Tart.

  26. I love the Times & Treasures and the Steampunk stamps (along with the Realistic Photos).


  27. I really like the women stamps by SW. On the Ink Stains site my favorite is the poppy. I have a flower art project featuring Scrolls Work stamps at the top of my site now.

  28. I really like the vintage stamps and wings. The poppy stamp is very nice as well. Oh I just like stamps whatever they are......
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  29. My favorite stamp is #5016 Southern Hemisphere, but there are a lot more close in the running.

  30. First time visiting your blog and it's wonderful. Jumped over to visit Scroll Works and I'm loving it. Have a list going already.

    The doll face is many uses for them.

  31. I had bought some of these images while sold by Inka so I was very pleased to see that Scroll Works has continued the line. My favorites are the Floral (the Poppy one in particular) and any ornamental designs.

  32. I just recently found Scrolls Work through RSC, & I can't wait to put in my 1st order! There is so much to love! I'm obsessed with their nature & floral stamps like Futterby Bush, Cattails, Zenigata Fountain, Juniper, Peddler, Cho & Crowd in the Asian section, almost all of their flourishes, Asian Star & the Gothic stuff in the ornamentals, Cherub corner & collage, birdbath, all their wings, Paradise Tree, Japanese coins & Kokeshi Dolls, Stallions, Goldfish, Floral clock & Diamond Bee Brooch, Treaters, Sweeney elf, ornamment kit, Athaya, June, Fearless Dancers, Fishing Junk & sooo much more!!!

  33. Wow...I just spent half an hour looking at all the stamp images and drooling over them! I have way too many favorite stamps to list, but here are a few:
    1. Alice in Wonderland collection: Alice, the Queen of Hearts, the White Rabbit
    2. Freckles and Rini from the photorealistic collection
    3. the bingo card image (I would go crazy for a Bingo card stamp!!)

  34. I love the Altered book essentials! Definitely going to order a set. (hopefully we won't end up with a double post this time!)


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!