Tuesday, May 18, 2010

BFF Altered Book/Mini Album ????'s

I've been getting several questions I thought I'd post here in case others had the same questions....

What is BFF?

Best Friends Forever...it's a texting shortcut I adopted for this challenge instead of typing out a longer more drawn out name :) Since the whole idea was based on a friendship e-mail I rec'd I thought it would work great.

Can I catch up with the challenge?

Of Course! I have a link to each challenge listed to the right. I'll leave them up for a while but even after I remove the links they will always be here...you'll just have to go back through all of the Tuesday posts in April/May to check out each challenge.

Did I write this?

Nope, it was an e-mail my Mom sent me that tickled me. I thought it would make a fun little altered book/mini album filled with the cute quotes paired with challenges I came up with.

Where do I get my photos?

Well, all over the place. I have several vintage image CD's I bought when I was working on my book...Tuscan Rose and E-bay are where I got mine. I also watch out for various image blogs that share vintage photos. If they share an image I think I could use I save it to one of my image files for future use.

***I've had several questions on individual techniques. I'm going to go back through them and put together either step by step directions or make videos for some of the harder to explain techniques. Most though have been about the Ink Blending Tool. As some of you know it's my most fav. tool and I use it almost all the time. It's very handy and almost second nature to use ~ A couple years ago I posted my Top 10 IBT Techniques that I think I will go back through since more and more people seem to be interested in using it.

All good things to look forward to and will be coming soon!

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  1. I had to go out and get me an ink blending tool after seeing you use it so much. It does have a look all its own. I love it!


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