Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Golden Seashell Necklaces....

Happy Day Everyone!

Today I wanted to share my latest creations....
Golden Shell Necklaces!

They were created with this month's color of choice over at Imagine...
Golden Glow.

The inside and out were colored using a mix of All Purpose for the inside of course and a variety of colors out.

They can be worn either with the color showing or the mermaid/octopus out.

For information on how these shells were made, please see ~


  1. Roni Dear these seashells are lovely. This is a great project for all those “collected” treasures from summer holidays. Your color graduations are beautiful. Summer Sunshine Smiles...<3

  2. Thank you so much! They were so much fun to make...playing with the All Purpose Ink is always an artsy adventure.


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