Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Seth Apter Baked Texture Embossing Powders

Hi Friends!  I am so excited to be able to share a project I made using Seth Apter's new embossing powders - Baked Texture.  If you've not seen them before you're in for a treat. He partnered with a Canadian company - Emerald Creek to bring his creations to reality.  These powders are NOTHING like any powders you have sitting in the back of your craft drawer.  These are a whole new way to envision embossing and I love 'em!!  I have loved embossing from the get go when I first discovered stamping but was saddened that it fell out of favor.  I am hoping this will help bring embossing back in a big way!

This is a piece of wall art I made using each one of the different powders available at this time....I was going to add a die-cut or sentiment on it but I sort of like how it looks as is.  I'm going to leave it as is for now.

Note: all examples were made using VersaMark Ink by Imagine.

Deep Sea...a lovely mix of chunky clear and blue powders - the more layers you add the less you see the clear and it turns into a deep rich blue - you can see how it varies from the speckled white to the darker areas which comes with each additional layer of powder.

This is probably my favorite...Chunky Rust.  It has tiny little flocking hairs mixed in with a copper color powder. It is AMAZING!!!  It really looks like rust  - the area on the example near the lid is just a single layer of the powder, the center and right has multiple layers of the powder.  The more you add the thicker and rusty-er it looks!

Vintage really does look like beeswax!  Thinner layers is just a touch of yellow in the mix...thicker colors like on the text really get the lovely warm yellow which can be cracked just like UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel). 

NOTE: This ep finishes with a very shiny surface (unlike beeswax), to give it the authentic look SA recommends applying a layer of matte multi-medium over the surface.  I have an easier fix, just take an eraser and rub it over the surface of the cool embossed area!  It takes the shine right off (you can see it in one of the examples below.  This technique will take the shine off any glossy embossing.

Patina Oxide - Super cool green and copper mix...the more you add, the more mixed it will look.  Very pretty.

Dirty Sand - Stuff is really cool, it does feel like sand when it's cooled. It has a rough gritty texture that is going to be so cool on beach and outdoor themed projects.

Rocky Road - I think this is my 2nd favorite - this stuff is wicked cool...really chunky, textured finish - if you want.  You can melt it a lot to get it all smooth and glossy or add a 2nd or 3rd layer leaving those less melted to create lots of texture.

Ancient Amber - this is a very pretty tarnished gold effect...less powder is amber more powder is gold.  Lots of possibilities.

Once my strips were finished I decided to turn them into art...I sponged on VersaFine Clair Morning Mist (a soft grey) over the white areas to really make the embossing stand out.

Then mounted them to a canvas using Creative Medium.  I had sponged the canvas with a trio of browns and copper but when I adhered the embossed strips to the canvas it looked muddled so I used some dark brown velvet ribbon to cover it up and add a bit of definition between each piece.  Turned out much better.

I wanted to share the following photos to show the texture of the various powders for you to enjoy...

This is the photo that shows the "matte" beeswax after it had been rubbed with an eraser.  It started out just as glossy as the Deep Sea ep below it. Quite a difference don't you think?

Top to bottom: Patina Oxide; Dirty Sand; Vintage Beeswax; 
Deep Sea; Ancient Amber; Rocky Road and Chunky Rust

Over all I have to say that these powders are well worth the asking price. These powders are nothing like anything you've ever thought of in an embossing powder. My only hope is that Mr. Apter brings out more of these fun powders in the future!  I'll be first in line to place my order!


Seth Apter Embossing Powder
Imagine - VersaMark Ink; VersaFine Clair, Tear It! Tape; Creative Medium, Sponge Dauber
Canvas Corp - 6x12 Natural Canvas
White Cardstock


  1. WOWZA loving all that texture!!

  2. WOW Roni! I loved embossing and was sad it fell from favor. I still do it once in a while. Now...I love these texture powders! I hope they are available in the states due to shipping rates. Love your wall art dear. Creative Embossing Bliss...<3

  3. these powders are fantastic and I love your piece! what a great idea! Thank you so much sharing this with us! Now it's time to go shopping!

  4. Really cool! These will be great for grunge and steampunk.

  5. Way cool!! My order will be here any day and I can hardly wait.


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