Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunflower Calendar Winner!!

The winner of the Sunflower Journal and Calendar Organizer is....

Mary Holshouser!!

I would be thrilled to win this prize.
I keep an open monthly calendar on the
end of my dining room table. As I pass
by it many times a day I can see where/when
I need to be in the next few days. this
clipboard would look so much more elegant
than my plain calendar (one of those giveaways
from some company) and I could keep some
important items there as well - change them
up as new things come in.
the hop was great. Amazing things that
people can use to make other amazing things.

(please e-mail me your snail mail addy)


  1. what a great way to wake up on a dreary Monday morning
    and see that these bright sunflowers will soon be in my house.
    I'm having a problem finding an e-mail address to send you my
    address - I'll keep looking.
    thanks so much for the present.


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