Friday, November 11, 2016

Monoprint Turkey Feathers

One of my favorite techniques is monoprinting.  If you're like me though you might not have the time to drag out all of the supplies and a big printing plate which is why I LOVE the Mini Gelli Plates!  I used the small hexagon Gelli Plate to create some fun "turkey feathers" for my holiday place settings. Instead of paints I used Memento Luxe inks - they have a wonderful opaque finish but dry quickly and since they are ink pads there is no messy clean up that you have with paints.

For complete details on how I created the feathers and silverware holder/place cards check out....


All in all it took me about half an hour to print (with ink) enough paper to cut out about 50 feathers.  Really not long at all when you think about how long it takes to print with paints because of all the dry time in between the various print layers.  I know some people worry about staining the Gelli Plate when using inks but I didn't have any staining with the Memento Luxe Inks.  I stamped the original print plus one or two ghost prints each time I inked the plate.  If there was any ink left I simply wiped it away with a damp towel.  Quick and easy!


  1. So festive Roni! The feathers are the perfect embellishment too!

  2. Really cool project! Now is the time to get working on stuff like that!

  3. Great project. Love the feathers!


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