Friday, November 4, 2016

How many days till Christmas???

Well this little birdy has the answer!

I want to share my little bird advent calendar with you today....

I made this entire thing from scratch!  I am so proud of it, I love how it turned I just need some grandkids to share it with ;)  LOL!!  I created the "pallet" from scraps of lumber my dad had in his scrap barrel.  I painted the tree onto it using Fireworks! sprays and decorated each bird differently using a variety of Imagine products.  Imagine offers the little wood birds along with loads of other fun shapes.  All were inked in some fashion, either directly from the ink pads or using a spray ink.  Then the fun begins...some are stamped, some are stenciled, while others were decorated using one or more of Imagine's texture products (Pico Embellisher, irRESISTible Texture Sprays, etc).  The possibilities are endless.  I was having so much fun decorating them that I actually decorated them differently on each side.

For a complete supply list and detailed instructions, please see:


  1. This is awesome Roni! Going to check out your post at Imagine Crafts!

  2. Oh what a great and different Advent calendar! I love the birds! You did a stellar job!

  3. Hi Roni! this is really cute! Perfect for kids. Thanks for sharing and have a great day!


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