Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Flip Album How To

Happy Tuesday....typed Monday to begin with because it does feel like one.  Several people asked for instructions on how to make the flip album I shared last week and I finally have it all around.


1. Start off by making the outside of the album.  Cut 2 pieces of chipboard 4.5" x 8" and one piece 1.5" x 8" as shown.

2. Assemble the cover as you would for any other book. 

Glue these down to desired cardstock that you'd like the outside to be covered in.

Crease and fold excess paper to the inside and adhere.

Before you cover the inside of the album, attach a button to the front cover of the book and stretch cord to the back of the cover.

Cover the inside of the album with a piece of cardstock of your choice.

3. Cut 2 pieces of cardstock 4" x 12" and score every 1/2".   

4. Crease each fold back and forth so they all move easily.  

5. Fold as shown above.  1 hill, 1 flat, 1 hill, 1 valley, 1 flat, 1 hill, 1 valley, 1 flat, etc.  

6. Repeat for the second piece of cardstock.

7. You will glue both of these pieces into the album, one on each side.

From the side you can see that they will become the flaps that your pages are attached to.

8. After you have glued the flap binding into the book, measure the area below each binding.  Cut a piece of cardstock to cover the remaining area, glue it over the bottom of the binding.

9. Cut 16 pieces of 4x4 cardstock - either from a single color or from several different pieces.  I used light blue for all of my pages.

(Optional)  I chose to round the bottom corners of each page.  It's not necessary but it's a nice little touch.

10. Adhere one page to each flap on both sides of the album.

11.  Cut 34 pieces of cardstock/pattern paper 3.75 x 3.75".  

12. Adhere one of the above pieces to the front and the back sides of each flap. Glue the remaining 2 pieces to the area under the flaps.

13. Decorate the cover as desired.  I stamped, colored and fussy cut several images using the stamps from the kit.


Club Scrap - chipboard, Boardwalk pattern papers, cardstock, button, stamps, cut-aparts, book binding glue
Imagine Crafts - Memento Dye Ink, Memento Markers
Other - strech cord


  1. Thanks for the "how to", Roni! I see constructing one of these in my near future.

  2. thanks Roni, I have "pinned" this to my paper,paper, paper board. I have made a couple of these ,but these directions are spot on. thanks

  3. I love your projects and it seems that we once again were on the same track. I made a waterfall album for a RAK very much like yours except only have the waterfall on one side and a pocket with photo mounts on the left.

    I think I will have to try your flip soon, I love making little books. Thanks for always inspiring.

  4. Never mind my comment on the original post. Just found this! Thanks!


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