Thursday, July 21, 2016

Cool Cards for Hot Summer Days!

Today I wanted to share some cards I made recently that are perfect on these hot HOT summer days! I don't know how the weather is where you live but here in Indiana it is unseasonably HOT and sticky.  We do get hot and humid but usually not this hot until sometime in August.  Guess the heat came early as we have heat advisory warnings through Sunday...  ICK!  That's why I pulled out the ice cream treats today.  

(Memento Dual Tip Markers)

Just For Fun Stamps recently had a new stamp release and they are just now up on their web-site (Summer 2016) and I can start sharing some of my creations!  These are some of my favorite new stamps....  The card above using all 3 different ice cream treats and each of the cards below features them individually.  

(Watercolor & Memento Dual Tip Markers)

(Memento Dual Tip Markers)

(Embossing & Watercoloring)

So, my favorite sweet ice cream treats are Ice Pops...mmmm, I really like the fruit pops which have chunks of real fruit mixed into the frozen juice.  So refreshing!!

What's your favorite frozen treat to beat the heat?


  1. I do love those Popsicle stamps and they look fun to color in whatever way a stamper could think of! TFS!

  2. Love these....I'm cooler already (it's muggly in NE Ohio too). I like old fashioned orangecicles ... the ones with vanilla ice cream in the middle. Thanks for sharing!!


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