Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Pocket Letters

Have you heard about Pocket Letters?  Well they are pretty new - Janette Lane came up with them in late January of this year...  She was actually looking for an inexpensive way to join the Project Life movement and decided to use baseball card album pages.  Here idea grew from there and....  Pocket Letters were born.  I understand that many people are swapping these out like pen pals. But I think it would be fun to just send them to unsuspecting people as a surprise, or as a b-day gift or ????

So, what is a Pocket Letter?  Basically it's a baseball card album page which has 9 slots - these slots just so happen to be the same size as ATC cards!!  SO you fill each of the slots with an ATC and behind each of the ATC's you tuck in little bits, bobs and other goodies your Pal might like.!  Embellishments, stickers, fibers, lace, fabric bits, tea, coffee, candy, mini works of art, altered charms, collage images, etc.  whatever fits in each little pocket is fair game.  

Now I've seen some pocket letters where each pocket is different while other pocket letters follow a theme (disney, travel, flowers, etc.) or a color theme (think R/W/B, Monochromatic, B/W, etc.).   It's all up to the creator.

Sounds like such a fun idea doesn't it?  

Well, I was lucky enough to recently be the recipient of my very first Pocket Letter courtesy of an Ink Stained friend - Diana.  Check it out....

and you flip it over and look at all the fun stuff she included... Ephemera, Fabric Swatch, Metal Filigree pieces, an altered domino, peach tea, a lacy butterfly, animal buttons, mini playing cards and some wicked paper covered buttons.  

SUCH FUN!!!!!!

I'm thinkin' this might be a really nifty swap idea but I wasn't sure if there would be interest or not.  I envisioned this going something like - you sign up for 1, 2, or 3 slots, I match you with 1, 2 or 3 people and then you swap your pages direct.  Somehow it would be nifty if I could get photos of each page swapped and post it all on a single page.  

What do you think?  Give it some thought and either e-mail me or post a comment and let me know what you're thinking.  If there is enough interest we might just have to do this.  I'm very excited now that I actually have one of my very own, I would love share a few of my own creations with others!


  1. What a fun idea; it's like an ATC version of Cracker Jacks! I'd play! :)

  2. I think it would be a blast. If you do this count me in. Patti

  3. The one you received is beautiful! I've not made any pocket letters, but I've been seeing them on-line. They are glammed up ATC's with the trinkets. What TXMEss wrote above is a perfect description!! I'll play too if it's later in the Fall.

  4. Just traded my first one at the Club Scrap Retreat! Count me in if you do this!

  5. I've been making and swapping them with my Pen Pals and others. I got Janette Lane's email in my box in January and couldn't run over to her Facebook group fast enough to sign up and also signed up over on her network group for Plp.... I love making them. As she stated over on her blog and in her video she also Pen Pals and thought this was an excellent way to send fun goodies to our pen pals. :-)
    Here goes a link to her blog on Pocket Letter Pals and also a link to her YouTube on Pocket Letter Pals. There are no wrong ways, it's up to you and your partner and also weather you both want to do a long term swap as well. I also swapped with Janette in Feb and got an awesome one back from Janette. She is so brilliant to come up with this idea of hers. :-)

  6. I've been thinking of doing one for a couple of months now for my S-I-L just haven't had the time. going to start it later this week.
    count me in if you do it!
    stamping sue

  7. Sounds like a good idea. I just created my first pocket pal page and it wasn't as hard as I was thinking it would be.


  8. This would be so much fun! Count me in!

  9. I've never done one, but it sure sounds fun! Count me in!

  10. I know I'm late to the party, but what else is new. I'd love to give this a try!


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