Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Food Saver - Stamp Storage Alternative

Today I wanted to share a storage tip that I've been doing for a while now but just haven't thought to share it until I read a comment on FB about how expensive stamp, die-cut and stencil storage bags are.  For me, clear stamps are always a problem when it comes to storing them.  The cellophane packages that they come in tear easily and just don't last.

Several companies have come out with stamp storage envelopes that are to say the least pricey.   These ones are Simon Says Stamp storage envelopes which are 10.00 for 50.  It doesn't take long to rack up the $'s if you want to store many stamps/dies this way.

The other issue I have with these bags are that not all stamp sets are the same size... It's kind of a waste to use a big bag on smaller sets of stamps.

So, a while ago when I was replacing some of my page protectors I had a thought...  I removed these page protectors from my stamp binders because the holes were getting ready to break through...  If you don't have any used page protectors you can buy the cheap ones for like 12.00 - 200 on amazon  (that's where I get mine - I usually go for the 35.00 & free shipping deal).

So I decided to give something a try and it worked!  What did I do?  Well, to begin with I cut the PP along the binding side from top to bottom.

Then I pulled out my handy-dandy Food Saver...

I measured the page protector to fit my stamp set.

Closed the lid and hit the seal button!

And I had the beginnings of a brand new stamp envelope!

You need to make a second seal close to the first.  This allows you to use the rest of the page protector for a 2nd envelope.  Simply cut between the two seals to separate them.  I usually get 2 larger envelopes or anywhere from 3-6 smaller sized envelopes from a single page protector.

In no time at all you'll have loads of custom fit storage envelopes for virtually any tool in your stash - stamps, dies, stencils, etc.

Normally I don't use the flaps because I have my stamps stored upright in a shoe box sided container but if you want to seal the envelopes I have in the past used my ATG to run a strip of adhesive on the binding strip and used it as a re-sealable closure.

And now all my stamps are safe and sound in their very own custom sized stamp envelopes!  I have been using these for approx. 6 months and so far they have all held up very well.

So there you go - Quick and Easy storage envelopes for 
just a few cents!


  1. Brilliant!!! There is the new fuse tool out there, that would work too, if you don't have the food saver. Great idea!

  2. Thank you for sharing, Roni! It's a genius idea!! Enjoy your day!! Hugs, Darnell

  3. That's a fantastic idea. Thanks for sharing :)
    By the way, what about the mixed media technique calendar? Love this calendar and still waiting for the last three months. Thanks :)

  4. This is awesome! Thank you for sharing Roni!

  5. You are simply amazing !!! What a fabulous idea, thanks for sharing with us. cheers

  6. OMG that is an amazing tip!!! I'm off to make some bags!! Many Blessings, Melitta

  7. You are ingenious Roni!!!
    OMG! I also have a food saver and have done other crafty things with it, but never thought of this!! Thanks so much for sharing such a cool and money saving tip!!
    You rock my friend!! xo

  8. Thanks for sharing this useful post Roni. I loved to read this post very much.

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