Monday, March 30, 2015

Metal Mania - Altered Pencil Case & Pencils - Part I

Happy Monday!  I hope you've all had a great start to the week.  Today I am carrying on with one of the promises I made to myself at the start of the new year...Alter More!  Well, actually not necessarily to alter more but to start using up some of the alterable goodies I have in my stash - LOL!!  I admit it - I am a hoarder and a sale shopper so I can't resist when I find really cool goodies (to alter) at really great prices.  

The first of what I hope will be many altered projects this year is something that I received in a Mystery Box from USArtQuest sometime last year....paper mache pencil case w/pencils.  There were two in my box so I figured I could alter one and give one away ;)  

The pencils in the cases are also covered with a layer of paper mache and they fit into the case pretty snug so I can't do anything too drastic to them or they won't fit back into the case.  I decided that since everyone seems to be into metals and metallic finishes I would go that route since I always have loved using metals on my pieces.  

 The first pencil I wanted to decorate will be covered in metal leafing.  Now if you haven't tried this stuff you really should - it's wonderful!  I love it and all it's little pieces and yes, I do have quite a bit of it - I told you I like metallic's ;)  LOL!!  Many people think you have to purchase leafing in sheets which is far more expensive but I prefer leafing flakes.  They are just as pretty, easy to use and are far less expensive than a book of leafing sheets.    My favorite brand is Sepp Leaf Products (Sepp Leaf Tsmise Leafing) which can be found both on-line and in stores that carry leaf products.  It's about 15.00 per box but it lasts forever...a very little bit goes a very long way.  There are many other "crafty" brands out right now but you get a very small about for 6.00 - 10.00 (which is why I prefer the Sepp leaf).  

Next comes the leaf sizing...these are the two brands I have - Mona Lisa Products offers Metal Leave Adhesive Size which is what I normally use but USArtQuest also offers the Duo adhesive which works almost as well.  

The key to this adhesive is that it is painted on, left to dry to a tacky consistency....

It's then ready for the leafing...larger sheets I just place on the object to be leafed and spread it around pressing it in and burnishing it with my fingers to work off the excess leaf.   When I say burnish you're simply rubbing your finger back and forth over the leafing.  This does two things - it presses the leaf into the adhesive making sure you have good adhesion and it also rubs off the excess leaf leaving a smooth gleaming metallic surface.

NOTE - Don't throw the excess away - it can be reused for other projects.

If you happen to have a spot that doesn't get covered simply apply more glue, let it dry and cover it up.  Works like a charm.

I made a copper example from the "scrapings" what was left over from other projects works just great for something like this... I have found that it's easier to use these smaller bits by sprinkling the flakes onto a sheet of paper and roll the pencil through them letting the adhesive pick up as much as possible.  Once it's covered, again burnish with your fingers. 

I actually made 3 pencils covered with leaf just because I was having so much fun.  The third pencil was made with a leaf mix which has several colors of leaf in one box - I love the randomness of it.

My next pencil is covered with metallic foil tape.  Just wrapped around the pencil right off the roll.

I then used my Delicata ink from Tsukineko to cover another pencil.  I love the new colors - Celestial Copper and Bronze Burst.

I covered the next pencil with a layer of Silver StazOn Studio Glaze!  Wait till you see the finished pencil!  Looks like a silver rod.

And for my last pencil I thought it would be fun to stamp onto tissue paper with Golden Glitz Delicata metallic ink.  I stamped, dried then glued the tissue to the pencil.

And here's how they all turned out...from top to bottom - Tsukineko Bronze Burst Delicata Ink; Golden Glitz Stamped Tissue; Sepp Spring Leafing Mix; Silver Foil Tape; Sepp Copper Leafing Flakes; Silver StazOn Studio Glaze; USArtQuest Gold Leaf

We'll continue this project on Wednesday by completing the pencil case at which time I'll also be giving away this set of pencils plus I'm going to offer up the second set of unfinished pencils to another reader that they can finish on their own!

Tomorrow is Club Scrap Design Challenge - I've got a really fun project to share that I'll also be giving away to one lucky reader so be sure and check back much fun going on!!


  1. That pencil box and set of pencils is SOOOO cool! I've not seen anything like it...would live to try altering it in my own style. The metallic look is awesome but not really me.

  2. Roni, I have some leafing and just didn't know what or exactly how to use and now you've given me some great ideas. Thank you for always being so inspiring!

  3. The flakes look like so much fun to play with. Can't wait to see what u do with the box to store them in.
    Thanks for the demo and chance to win.I might check into getting some.


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