Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Ken Oliver's Color Burst

I am so excited to share a bit about an awesome new color medium that was recently released at CHA - Ken Oliver Crafts Color Burst pigment powder.

(Before I go any further I just wanted to let you know I'm not getting paid or compensated in any way to mention this or post any of the links.  This stuff just ROCKS and you have to know about it!!)

I was so intrigued when I first heard about this product I couldn't wait to get my hands on it.  I ordered it the only place I could find that had it in stock - Doodlebug which is a scrapbook store in southern Indiana (yeah!) very close to where Ken lives.  Since Doodlebug is just on the other end of my state I got my order in 1 day!!
Note: Ken Oliver is the guy who came out with Stick It Die Cut Adhesive that everyone is going nuts about.

So, let's talk about Color Burst....currently it comes in 6 colors - Alizarin Crimson, Orange, Lemon Yellow, Pthalo Green, Ultramarine Blue, and Violet.

From what I've seen it's around $5-6.00 per bottle (Doodlebug has it for $5.25).  Now I know what you're thinkin'...that's a lot of money for such a small bottle!  Well, normally I would agree with you but ...

I want to show you what you can do with a teeny tiny about of this highly pigmented color medium.... (it's truly amazing!!!)

Get ready...see those few grains of powder....and a couple mists from my water bottle and....

LOOK at all that color!  I tilted the paper here and there to get quite a bit of coverage and I spilled some off the sides

so I picked up that excess color on a couple tags.

I decided to wet the paper with plain water and

I began shaking a tiny bit of powder over the surface...

I gave it a couple spritzes of water and heated to dry the cool designs I saw.

Next I sprinkled a tiny bit of the red, orange and green in my watercolor palette.  I picked it up with my Niji water brush and painted this digi poppies image (from SCACD).

I had so much color left over I painted this 4x5" area on a scrap of watercolor paper.

Next I spritzed lots of water on a piece of watercolor paper and sprinkled just a few grains of the blue and a bit more violet - WHEW - isn't that wicked?

Don't ever just wipe up your craft area without checking to see what you have left....  After I moved the paper above I spritzed my craft mat with a bit of water and I saw all sorts of color so I started grabbing paper...

and this is what I ended up with....  Just two small shakes of the Color Burst colored 2 4x6 pieces of watercolor paper, 2 tags and a 8x3+ scrap piece of watercolor paper!

So now you see what I mean when I said that five or six dollars a bottle is well worth the price.  Each bottle of powder has so much color packed into it I can't imagine how far it will go.  I am just so excited about this product, I can't wait to further experiment with it just to see what is possible!!  

If you'd like to check out more about Color Burst there is lots of beautiful examples of what you can do with it on Mr. Oliver's Facebook Page - Ken Oliver Crafts.


  1. WOWZA that is intense stuff, love it!

  2. Beautiful colors and fun to experiment with, Roni.

  3. Wow_ Beautiful colors from the tiniest bits of powder!! Thanks for the unbiased heads up on this new supply!!

  4. Thanks for your review, I had no idea that it was powder, I thought it was ink!

  5. Thanks for your review, I had no idea that it was powder, I thought it was ink!

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  7. Don't you love the Color Bursts, Roni? I had seen the CHA video of Ken demoing them but couldn't find them for sale anywhere. While I was at StampFest in Clearwater at the beginning of February I saw Dave Miller from Rubbernecker Stamps using them. His stamps are designed so that you can ink/paint on them directly to stamp with a watercolor look. He was using the Color Bursts for his color medium. He told me that, at that time, he was the only retailer who had them. I bought all six colors, but apparently there will be more colors released later. will be carrying the Color Bursts. They are currently out of stock (there's a shocker!). Be sure to let us know if you find out when the new colors are released. BTW, I am not connected in any way with either Rubbernecker Stamps or Papercrafts4less, I'm just passing on what I learned. Thanks for all of your info, Roni. You always stay on top of things for the rest of us.

  8. First, thanks for always letting your followers know about all of your amazing experiments and discoveries! I wanted to point out that this product seems identical to Brusho, a product from the U.K. that they just started marketing here (try Blick). Brusho comes in 32 different colors, and is a fraction of the price (15 grams for $2.89; probably less if bought in a set). As you point out above, the Color Burst is about $5 per bottle, and each bottle is only 8 grams). I just played with Brusho a few weeks ago and made swatches of all the colors. I love it, and see lots of possibility for stamping and mixed media projects, though some of the colors do seem quite similar. Best--Donna


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