Friday, March 27, 2015

Color Burst Watercolor Flower Experiments

So I've been very inspired lately by FB posts from Karen Faulkner.  If you've never seen her watercolor flowers before they are amazing!!  You really should check her out.  Anyway, I thought I'd play with my Color Burst powers just to see what I could come up with and let me say this...these powders are HIGHLY pigmented which is great but I'm having a hard time getting that translucent quality of Ms. Faulkner's flowers.  (That's why I'd like to try/get some liquid watercolors)

Anyway I have been having fun experimenting with the Color Burst.  Here are a few experiments with different colors, flowers, brushes, etc.  

 The first few flowers were mainly brush experiments.  I was using a really tiny brush for the scrolly leaves, stems, dots and a larger filbert brush for the main flowers.

These three flowers were experiments on how the colors can be over laid to achieve more depth.  Again, this is all practice, experiments, etc so they aren't very good

Now I have to say I am VERY pleased with how my poppies turned out!  To be honest I was very surprised as well - LOL!!  They started out looking awful but I just kept adding layers of water and color and they turned out like this...  When they were dry I wished I had made them on something other than scrap watercolor paper because I don't know how I can salvage them to make them look good on a card or plaque.  Oh well...guess that means I'll just have to keep at it on non scraps!

Do you have some craftyness planned for the weekend?  Not sure what I'll be doing but I hope it includes something inky or painty!  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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  1. You could cut your poppy out and pop-dot it on a card where you have painted the stem. That would work really well.


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