Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2015 Technique Calendar - Getting Ready!

Yes that's right - it's back for another year - year 5 to be exact!  We'll be making another fun technique calendar for a full year of fun and inspiration.  This year I thought it would be fun to concentrate on Mixed Media techniques.

In the past each calendar has been a unique nontraditional shape - a ticket, house, CD's, pennant, tag and more.  This year I have decided to go with a Gothic Arch calendar.  I have an entire list of Gothic Arch templates on my Templates & Card Sketch page. Fancy ones, plain ones, Arches with spires, or hearts or fancy curves...  Whatever your style there is sure to be one to suite your taste.  I will be using the Basic Arch for my calendar. 

I am going to cut my pages ahead of time from cereal box type cardboard.  I find that this is a nice weight to work with.  You can put a calendar on both the front and back sides and it stands up very well to loads of techniques both wet and dry in addition to glues.

Next comes the calendar part...  There are TONS of places to find calendars - Pinterest, Flickr, various office programs you might already have installed on your computer, but here are a few more just to point you in the right direction....

This year I thought it would be fun to concentrate on Mixed Media techniques.  I'm going to try to use products that everyone has on hand or can be easily obtained.  I don't want to tie you down to use a product so specific that you HAVE to buy something new in order to play along.  I will try to have alternatives to the mediums I'm using to help substituting what I use for what you already own.

We'll be using an assortment of paints, glues, brushes, stamps, inks, various "found" items and lots of ephemera.  

I'm getting a later than usual start on the calendar this year but things have been so busy it almost slipped my mind - until I looked at last years!  We'll get started with January's calendar page on Monday - 1-19 and make a new calendar page every other day or so to give you a chance to keep up.   Of course you can catch up on the weekends as well.

I've had lots of great response to these calendars in the past...I hope you'll join us in the fun this year!


  1. Sweeeeet. Love the calendars!!! It took me forever to finish last years but I'm ready to go this time!

  2. Sounds great Roni, I will be very interested in following this project, I may even find the time to participate!!!!

  3. Hi Roni,

    I just might try to do this -- but did I read that right? Every other day? Yikes. That will definitely be a challenge for me. I'll follow along at my own pace. Can't wait to get started!


  4. I look forward to what you will do this year- loving the idea of the Goth Arch shape and the Mixed Media techniques! Oh, I will never be able to keep up with every other day, but will do what I can : )

  5. I'm ready to create a calendar! I've been a bit of a after-Christmas rut so this will get me back into making art. Thanks!

  6. Roni, This sounds like so much fun! Will have to follow along. Can't wait till Monday.

  7. Ohh cool, I really love your technique calendars every year. I always follow along, not to say I make my own but I love watching what you do and sometimes I really do try it out. :)

  8. Yeah! I love your technique calendars!

  9. Sounds really interesting Roni - am going to go back to see what you created last year. This also sounds like it would be the sort of thing I love so will try to play along too Karen x


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