Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Vintage Electrical Resistor Steampunk-ish Charm

Today I wanted to share a fun recycled charm I am making for the charm swap...

I'm using a vintage electrical resistor as the main part of my charm today. 
Here's what they look like....
Resistor Charm 002

I found these in among a whole bunch of interesting old electrical stuff at an auction.  I figured I could do something cool with them so I bought the whole kit n caboodle!  I love the colors and with a wire on both ends they just scream altered charms. 

Here's what I did...

I started off by turning the wires into loops on each end....

Resistor Charm 003

Resistor Charm 005
Wrap & Snip off excess....

Resistor Charm 006
Finished Loop....

Resistor Charm 007

Then I added a couple gears on one end and a lobster claw finding on the other end.

Resistor Charm 008


Resistor Charm 009
Pretty cool huh? 
Just something a little different anyway. 
I think they will be cool sprinkled in among all of the other charms in the swap :) 


  1. So cool! Now I have something else to look for at flea markets!

  2. yippy skippy very cool indeed. I have a few of these I'm gonna have to do something like this with. coolness


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