Monday, March 11, 2013

Steampunk Easter Egg & Basket

Steampunk Egg Man

I thought I'd have a bit of fun with my last Steampunk Easter Egg creation...
I didn't intend to make a little egg creature/man but that's how it ended up.

Initially I applied a layer of really thick gesso to the front of my paper mache egg and let it dry. 

While it was drying I stamped out a couple wings (StampersBest) on some watercolor paper and coloring them with my Spectrum Noir markers and cut them out.

I affixed one wing to one side of the egg and covered that side of the egg with more of the gesso and let it dry.

I continued by adding the 2nd wing, gesso, dry and then finished off the back side with gesso and let it dry as well.

Since I was using a paper mache egg I needed to let the egg dry a bit longer since the paper mache absorbs some of the water from the gesso making it a bit mushy during application/dry time.

Steampunk Easter 001
Fast forward a couple days....
I painted the egg with Old Silver Acrylic Paint and when it was dry I used my finger to rub black Archival Ink to highlight the texture.
Steampunk Easter 002

The dent is for something "special" I found in my stash...

Steampunk Easter 003

After the ink dried I began sifting through my stash of wrist watches, watch parts & hardware.  With a bit of help from super glue and a googlie eye this is what I came up with....

He's a bit more whimsical than most steampunk stuff out there but I thought he turned out pretty cute anyway.  Who says you have to be serious all the time?!?! 

His big red eye is actually a red plastic watch case from an old wrist watch that I popped the watch guts out of and by chance I had a huge googlie eye that fit inside perfectly!  Talk about luck ~ anyway, that's why I dented the front of the game me a nicer area to secure his new eye to his egg body.

Steampunk Easter 004

And here he is with my other steampunk eggs in a basket!

Steampunk Easter 008

I think he's so cute I'm going to sit him on my shelf so he can keep his eye on me all year long ;)


  1. Your egg man is so cute, love it. I also just made an egg angel, but I think mine is female. I just posted it on my blog. Shari (cricutrookie)

  2. How did you do the embossed one in front??

  3. Carol - The foil embossed egg was made here -


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