Friday, March 8, 2013

Steampunk Easter Basket +Eggs

With St. Patrick's Day and Easter coming so close together this year my head is just spinning with ideas for both.  Today I wanted to share another Easter Basket idea with you ~ this one incorporating a Steampunk flair and I figured why stop at the basket!  I'm also going to share a couple Steampunk eggs today and another (which is still in the process) on Monday.

I started off again with one of the Pretty Pots type container which I covered with some awesome gear images that I took from Altered Pages sheets -  2140 Steampunk Machines & 911 The Mechanized World.   I enlarged and printed off 3 of each image so I could cover every other "petal" of the pot with alternating images.

Steampunk Easter Egg Basket & Eggs 003

I painted the inside of the pot using EcoGreens Bronze metallic acrylic paint.  (If you haven't tried it yet, this is a super metallic paint.  It's got great coverage and color for a small price.)  I also edged the rim with black paint.

Steampunk Easter Egg Basket & Eggs 002

 More on finishing off the basket on Monday!

On to the Steampunk eggs....

Golden Gear Egg

Now it's just not Easter unless there is at least one golden egg...this one laid by a Gear Driven Steam Goose!  I started off by applying my double stick tape to the entire doesn't have to be a solid coverage, I left bits here and there uncovered.

Steampunk Easter Egg Basket & Eggs 004

Next I wrapped the egg with foil leafing (leafing flakes would work too) and made sure that most if not all of the adhesive was covered with the gold. 

Steampunk Easter Egg Basket & Eggs 006

I inked up the spaces with brown archival ink and the Ink Blending Tool.  Then stamped the egg with gears using black archival ink.

>Steampunk Easter Egg Basket & Eggs 007

After the ink had dried, I dusted it with Bronze Perfect Pearls to take care of any left over sticky from the tape.

Steampunk Easter Egg Basket & Eggs 010

Steampunk Chocolate Egg

This idea actually came from those bags of foil covered eggs... after all ~ who says Steampunk can't be colorful :)

I started off by embossing strips of HIVAC tape (the stuff plumbing & heating guys use on duct work). 

I cut the embossed tape into random shapes and colored it using different shades of Alcohol Ink.  You'll have to use colors from the Brights or Earthtone line as the Lights just won't show up on the shiny silver surface of the tape.  I used Sunshine Yellow, Raspberry, Purple Twilight, Clover and Denim.

Steampunk Easter Egg Basket & Eggs 011

Now, the best part about the HIVAC tape is that it's self adhesive...simply peel off the backing paper and you're all set!  You can piece together the random cut shapes on your egg as needed. 

Steampunk Easter Egg Basket & Eggs 012

This is pretty fun, I found myself wanting to make several more of these!

Steampunk Easter Egg Basket & Eggs 015

As I mentioned earlier I will have another Steampunk Easter Egg Idea for you on Monday as well as the basket filled with these fun eggs!
Hope to see you then!


  1. Brilliant! I love your steampunk themed eggs! We don't do the boiled egg thing here But I might try and sneak some proper ones and do this over the top of their wrapping! :)

  2. Hi Roni

    I love love love your multicolored steampunk egg.

    Have a great week


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