Monday, March 4, 2013

Mind, Body & Soul Charm

Hi Peeps!

I hope you're all having a fine day today!

I wanted to share a charm I've been working on ~ I call it Mind, Body & Soul.  When I started out I wasn't sure what I was going to be making, I just knew I wanted to use these copper washers I bought several months ago. 
Now I have to tell you I didn't take any "in the process" photos...once I started going I never even thought about it, I was simply enjoying what was going on.

mind body soul charm 001
I started off thinking I wanted to add a photo to the centers of the washers but it looked too ordinary so then I thought well copper is soft, I could scuff it up a bit.  I tried scratching some with a wire brush; I tried inking it up with Archival then Alcohol Inks but still wasn't speaking to me.  Then by accident I dropped my hammer on the pile of washers and I notice it made a small ding in one of the washers.
WELL, I gave it one or two more whacks...(it's a ball pein hammer - the kind with a round end) and after about 10 minutes of smackin' away at it my washer looked pretty cool.  So I used the next size larger and after that I beat the heck out of the small one (because I have a thing for doing stuff in 3's). 

mind body soul charm 002
I love the way they turned out and for some reason whey they were all together in a pile they made me think of the Celtic Knot that represents Mind, Body and Soul. 
Now I used gold jumprings and wire because I like mixing metals - I think it has more eye appeal than if I had used all copper. 

mind body soul charm 003
I love how they look like this but I may try adding a bit of black paint rubbed on and then off to see if I can't highlight the divot's in the metal more. Maybe I'll try a bit of green?!?!  Anyway, this is one of the charms I'll be making for the swap.


  1. Hi Roni,

    This charm is wonderful. I can see that it might have been fun to take a bit of frustration out on the washers..... maybe make one another day when you have some pent up energy!

    Great finished project!


    PS I've had so much fun looking at your book. There's quite a few techniques that I want to try!

  2. This is so cool!! Bet a bit of black would really add dimension to the divots. Now I have a question.. How did you wrap the top? I've been looking at circles but can't get anything to work to attach to a jump ring. Love the top of your charm! Thanks nan

  3. I love the look of hammered metal. Your charm is wonderful!

  4. All that whacking was probably good for mind, body and soul. Very cool.


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