Thursday, March 28, 2013

Gelatos - more on blending & layers

Today I wanted to share a bit more about blending & layering using Faber-Castell's Gelatos.

I figured since it's officially Spring even though it doesn't feel or look like it in some regions it would be fun to make a little canvas with hopes that it might bring about some nice weather.  A girl can dream can't she ???

Spring Dreams

The first thing I did was some really basic shapes and scribbled in some colors.  You'll notice how in various areas I used multiple colors of Gelatos (flowers, stems, sky) - when I begin blending with my watercolor brush these areas will create a nice depth to the image.

Gelato Spring Dreams 001

When I blend my gelatos together I like to start with the lighter colors and work towards the darker shades.  For example I started at the tops of the flowers with the light pink and worked my way towards the red. 

Gelato Spring Dreams 002

I did the same thing with the stems and worked from the lighter shade of green to the darker.  You'll notice how creamy and nice the colors spread around. 

Something to keep in mind when blending, the more water you use the more diluted and transparent your colors will be.  For more intense creamy opaque colors you'll want to use less water. 

Gelato Spring Dreams 003

For example, I used much more water to blend the sky area than I did the flowers or stems.  This excess water allowed me to play with texture a bit by pouncing a wadded up plastic bag into the water/gelato mixture.  As you can see it leaves an amazing pattern in the medium.

Gelato Spring Dreams 004

After the gelatos dried, which was very quick btw, I went back over the canvas and added additional details by simply drawing right over top the blended gelatos.  What is really amazing about these Gelatos is their ability to layer without any issues you might have with other mediums.  You'll see how the white covers up the red of the tulips!  Amazing as red is one of the hardest colors to cover up.  I like to use the white Gelatos to had highlights to some areas and make them pop off the canvas.

Gelato Spring Dreams 005

Next I wanted to share another amazing quality of the can stamp right over the top of the dried Gelatos and get a superb impression!  I used a variety of background stamps here (from Just For Fun Rubber Stamps) paired with Archival Inks to show you just how easy it is to stamp over these fun little color sticks!

Gelato Spring Dreams 006

You can't really see it all that well but in the upper left hand corner I used a piece of punchenella as a stencil.  I rubbed some of the Gelatos over the stencil with my finger to make a thicker layer.  I then I stamped the "Dream" sentiment into that layer of Gelatos and restamped the sentiment over and over without reinking.  The stamp picked up some of the Gelatos each time I made an impression and carried a bit of it to the next stamping.  It turned out to be really quite a cool effect.

I came back and added a few collage butterfly images (from Altered Pages) and a little butterfly fairy to finish off the Spring canvas.

Gelato Spring Dreams 008

Would you like this canvas to brighten your walls?
Simply post a comment about your favorite part of Spring.
I'll select a winner sometime next week!
Good Luck Friends!
I'll have more Gelato fun to share with you next week along with photos from the ATC & Charm swap.

Tomorrow I've got a few last minute Easter cards and then on Saturday & Sunday I have several very old Easter Postcards to share as well. 
Hope to see you then but if you can't make it
please have a safe and happy Easter!


  1. This canvas is gorgeous! I love how you layered the gelatos and then the stamps. My Favorite part of Easter is the feel of newness. Newness of life (Jesus) and spring time-I love it! :)

  2. Love this! My favorite part of spring is starting to see the birds return with all of their beautiful songs!

  3. Great tips on using Gelatos! Spring brings forth new beginnings and I like that.

  4. Roni, this canvas turned out so cool! I'd love to hang that in my craft room!! I've decided to buy some Gelatos. They have some amazing qualities and look like so much fun!!!!! Thanks for all your info & instruction!!!

  5. Love it Roni! Best part of spring is seeing everything BLOOM!

  6. Love your Easter cards and your lovely canvas is so bright and colorful! My favorite part of spring is watching the world come to life again...seeing Texas bluebonnets blooming everywhere always makes my heart sing!

    A very blessed Easter to you and your loved ones, Roni!

  7. My favorite part of Spring is leaving the windows open, hearing the birds tweet and smelling the wisteria in my neighbor's yard.

  8. Roni, I forgot to add how much I love your canvas and the tutorials. Now I want to rush right out, buy some gelatos and play!

  9. Thanks so much for sharing your tutorial on using gelatos. I just bought some and can't wait to try some of the ideas you shared!!! Spring always makes me happy...beautiful colors/new flowers/a time of renewal and joy!!

  10. Love this canvas, I love the colours, they are so bright and cheerful. My favourite part of Spring, is seeing the spring bulbs popping out of the ground, and feeling the warm sun on my face after a cold harsh Winter. My other favourite part of Spring is, seeing our bird friends finding their way back to our birdfeeder after flying so many miles south.


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