Friday, March 8, 2013

Flocked Fuzzy Bunny Card

Hmmmm - this was suppose to be posted yesterday but I noticed it was a draft!
Sorry about that ~
Not sure which button I pushed instead of the Publish button... 
Anyway, here you go...

I wish we had touch-o-vision with these could feel just how fuzzy this little bunny on my latest Easter card is.

This was such a fun card to make!

Roni Johnson Daisy Bunny
The bunny was stamped with brown pigment ink which I then covered with the glue embossing powder (when you heat/melt it the powder turns to glue) and sprinkled with brown flocking.  I then colored in the little pink ear with a Spectrum Noir marker.
I love how it turned out but I only wish you could feel it for yourself.  It's a really fun, inexpensive way to kick your card up a notch with only a few extra minutes of embossing.


  1. Adorable!!! I have some flocking but haven't gotten around to trying it yet so this was a good "push" for me!

  2. What brand of flocking is that? It looks so velvety

  3. April, I'm not's whatever they had at JoAnn's. I put it in a salt shaker so it was easier to use so I don't have the label anymore.


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